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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Mitel Connect

Mitel has long-since been a leader in the communication technology industry. In order to maintain their competitive edge, Mitel continuously improves their technology offerings, making them more sophisticated and easier to use. Mitel Connect is no exception. Mitel Connect is a multi-platform application that is the peak of unified communications technology in today’s market. Let’s talk about five key reasons Mitel Connect is able to help businesses across industries streamline their operations.

1 Maximize Efficiency

Unified communications technology is designed specifically to help business operate more efficiently. Unfortunately, some unified communications solutions are not effectively set up in the unification aspect. In many cases, employees find themselves needing to log-in multiple times across multiple different platforms and being forced to learn the different nuances of how the solution presents on laptop versus desktop or tablet versus mobile. While unified communication is designed to increase efficiency, often we see that the learning curve that comes with using the technology actually slows employees down. Mitel Connect solves this unification problem by bundling all of the communications solutions into a single application. The purpose of this is increase the efficiency of using the technology designed to do exactly that.

2 Improve Consistency

As we mentioned, there is often a learning curve associated with using any unified communications technology on different platforms. The presentation of a messaging or video conferencing application on a desktop can look and feel entirely different than the presentation of that same application on a tablet. With Mitel Connect, you get a single user experience across your devices. Moreover, you can stop and start conversations across your devices without any complications or difficulty.

3 Know What’s Going On

Mitel Connect incorporates sophisticated scheduling technology into the application so that you schedule the next meeting while you’re already on the line with all the key players. You can easily see what your employees have going on throughout the day so meetings can be scheduled without conflicts. In doing this, you can maximize the efficiency of your intra-office communication, which allows you to potentially have completed a follow-up meeting in the time it would take everyone to check their schedules and get back to you.

4 Multitasker Friendly

The Mitel Connect platform allows you to perform multiple tasks at one time. Rather than being locked into a web conferencing platform, you have the opportunity to maintain other avenues of communication. Do you need to remain available to your team while on a conference call with your clients? No problem, your messaging stays enabled while you are on the call. Mitel Connect helps you stay connected to anyone and everyone you need to communicate with throughout the day.

5 Stay On Task

Some of the most unique benefits of Mitel Connect are the supplementary tools embedded into the framework of the technology itself. Mitel Connect provides an agenda timer that can be used in meetings to keep track of how much time you spend on certain topics in real time during a meeting so you can stay on schedule. Additionally, the application tracks all conversations so you can look back at your history by timeline or by employee to see who you talked to when. All of these features support the concept of maximizing productivity in the workplace.

Mitel Connect: The Technology Solution For A Business Like Yours

Mitel Connect has perfected the application of unified communications in the workplace. From improved ease of use to supplementary tools to help businesses get the most out of the technology, Mitel Connect is the ideal solution for many different businesses.

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