Monday, 02 July 2018 14:58

Avaya Messaging Takes Your Business To The Next Level

Messaging has become increasingly popular in the digital age and as the technology evolves, SMS has become a staple in business communication. Avaya Messaging has moved to the cloud to expand the SMS capabilities for corporate clients of all sizes.

How Messaging Adds Value To The Office

Your office can benefit from a messaging platform in a number of different ways. By streamlining your business communications, you can increase convenience for your employees, ensure security for your communication, and improve the efficiency of your business model.


Messaging service allows employees to communicate easily. With more and more interactions occurring on mobile devices, SMS is where your employees are comfortable. Incorporating a system, such as Avaya Messaging, into your office setting makes communication a breeze.


Security is a vital element in any business communication system. Messaging service provides encrypting and storage capabilities to keep your employees' confidential communication protected.


The key to any successful communication system is its ability to increase efficiency in your business model. With a messaging service, you can communicate with your team in real time to get business done faster.

Avaya Messaging Service Provides A Leading Solution

The Avaya Messaging platform provides all the benefits that make messaging so valuable and much, much more. Avaya is a leading provider of business collaboration solutions and the Avaya Messaging Service is no exception.

How Does Avaya Messaging Work?

The Avaya Messaging Service connects to enterprise DID extensions to allow employees to both send and receive SMS messaging, including text, image, and audio messages. The cloud-based solution means that any employee can be subscribed to the Avaya Messaging system.

This communication solution allows for white-labeling, keeping all communication under the corporate ID, rather than individual phone numbers. This lets employees send messages from their mobile devices even when they aren't in the office, making Avaya Messaging an ideal solution for businesses that have remote employees.

Why Avaya Messaging?

The Avaya Messaging platform is a standout solution compared to competitors. The boundaries are limitless with this platform, and you won't find the restrictions that are common with other messaging solutions. With Avaya Messaging:

  • Employees can communicate via SMS on their mobile devices, office DID, or even their computer in a completely secure environment.
  • Adding and removing users is easy, being handled on a secure web browser by your enterprise IT administrator.
  • All messages can be maintained in a secure storage environment for organized record keeping and retrieval doesn't require access to individual accounts.

The Avaya Messaging Service provides unbeatable flexibility for your business communication system.

Messaging For Your Business

Incorporating a solution like the Avaya Messaging Service can help your business operate more efficiently, communicate more securely, and keep your brand identity in tact across all forms of communication, both in and out of the office. Messaging is the future of business communication.

If you're interested in learning how the Avaya Messaging Service can take your business to the next level, contact the experts at High Country to schedule a consultation today.