Wednesday, 05 September 2018 13:31

Can Your Office WiFi Solutions Move Your Bottom Line?

These days, WiFi is not a luxury that is appreciated when offered, it is a necessity that is expected. Reliable and fast office WiFi solutions are critical to the success of your business from the perspective of both your employees and your customers. When choosing the right solution for your office environment, there are a number of factors to consider.


All office WiFi solutions are taxed by heavy, continuous usage. It is essential that you not only get a solution that can support the number of employee and customer devices that may be connecting to it but also perform under the pressure of such high demand. When it comes to WiFi solutions, there are two types of options available - consumer-centric and business-oriented. Many businesses find themselves running into problems when they deploy a consumer-centric WiFi solution and expect it to operate at a business-grade capacity. Office WiFi solutions require business grade access points in order to operate successfully. A higher grade access point supports heavier usage without significant detriment to the service it provides.


In addition to the ability to handle heavy usage, business grade WiFi also offers more flexible options in the deployment of the system as a whole. Security is a vital element in all office WiFi solutions, so the ability to deploy a robust system that protects your network is key. Many consumer-centric WiFi solutions can only support a single network, however, that may not be the ideal option for your small business. A more robust office WiFi solution will allow you to create multiple networks, or Service Set Identifiers (SSID). Each of these networks can be set up with unique policies and security options to offer isolated access to the internet without providing free reign over your entire network.

Department Access

Office WiFi solutions that allow you to set up individual SSIDs also offers your departments an advantage. If you have a robust system in place, teams that require significantly higher bandwidth can operate on their own network so that it doesn’t get bogged down by guest traffic or routine conference calls. This ensures that your business can operate at its peak efficiency and projects don’t get delayed due to technical problems.

The Benefits Of Effective Office Wifi Solutions

Once you have the right office WiFi solutions in place, you will be able to reap the benefits that efficient internet access has to offer to both your employees and your customers. When your office has uninhibited access to the internet, you can be more productive, better connected, and, ultimately, more successful.

Boost Your Productivity

Your employees rely on the office WiFi solutions you have in place to get their jobs done. In many organizations, all of the project management is done through an internet-based interface. That means the fundamental elements of your business operations require a reliable internet connection. Your team members will also be able to stay in the loop more easily. This ensures that problems can be addressed more quickly and you can manage your responsibilities more efficiently.

Improved Collaboration

A robust WiFi system helps keep your team connected. Whether you need people to be able to collaborate on a project in real time or simply communicate via email, your office WiFi solutions can support those needs when deployed correctly.

High Country can help your organization select and implement the office WiFi solutions that support your needs as a business to ensure that you are operating successfully without unnecessary hindrances. Contact our team of experts today for a consultation on your internet system.