Thursday, 02 August 2018 14:11

Cisco To Acquire July Systems: Real World Data Becomes Actionable Insights

Cisco has recently announced their intent to acquire July Systems, who has been a long time partner of the organization. July Systems is a leading provider of innovative WiFi analytics technology that helps provide insights into customer behavior in interior environments. This collaboration means more actionable insights from real world data that can be used to provide an exceptional customer experience.

More About July Systems

July Systems is a start-up organization based out of California that is on a self-proclaimed mission to “digitize physical spaces.” Founded in 2001, July Systems has grown exponentially with the help of high dollar funding from well known capital investors. July Systems is the largest location cloud engine helping “buildings to become smarter” through their technological innovations. Their cloud platform offers location insights for physical spaces. This information can help organizations correlate behavior with sales, or, potentially, the lack thereof.

Why Is Cisco Buying July Systems?

July Systems has been a longtime partner of communications giant, Cisco, so the acquisition comes as the logical next step in Cisco's “journey to intent-based networking.” The plan is to add the July Systems platform to provide a unified solution that can be used in a variety of interior locations, including hospitals, government buildings, manufacturing plants, sports arenas, hotels, and retail stores. This acquisition will allow partners to develop highly specific solutions for their customers at scale, ultimately providing better more actionable insights that can be used to improve visitor experience and drive more revenue.

Bringing these two technology leaders together will not only enhance Cisco's ability to track locations but also expedite the process of continuing to build out July Systems' technology and fine-tuning the services for specialized applications in verticals like healthcare.

The announcement of the July Systems acquisition comes on the heels of the launch of Cisco's intent-based networking platform. David Goeckeler, executive vice president and general manager of Cisco's Networking and Security Business, says, “Intent-based networking represents the next generation of open, IP-based systems that we've seen can change the actually fabric of society.” This type of networking is representative of the changing times as networking moves away from manual, not to mention more time consuming, management methods.

Using In-Depth Real World Insights

In a data-driven world, real-world insights can be hard to gather and even harder to interpret. However, tapping into the power of July Systems' WiFi based solution allows industry leaders to understand the path of the consumer when they are on location in real time. The ability to apply the July Systems technology across a wider breadth of industries can help organization leaders cater to the guest experience. For a high level example, a retail store might see a pattern in the behavior of their clients and be encouraged to rearrange the store for an improved shopping experience and increased sales. A sports arena that sees heavy traffic at indoor concession stands with significantly less at the outdoor concessions might consider what's driving game go-ers indoors and respond accordingly. Understanding the patterns of customers inside a specific location can help organizations create the ideal guest experience for their consumers, ultimately driving more initial sales and creating loyal customers in the process.

A Multi-Million Dollar Acquisition

While no figures have been announced by either company, July Systems was last valued at $45 million in 2012. It is expected that the deal will close in the first quarter of 2019. We are interested to see how our partner is capable of growing this innovative technology and how we can apply that to our clients' communication and analytics strategies.

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