Wednesday, 17 December 2014 13:43

Cisco (Meraki) Wireless and Networking solutions continue to impress business and education enterprises

Cisco Meraki cloud based wireless and networking solutions have continued to revolutionize the ease by which wireless networks and wireless bridges can be deployed and managed.   Hi Country has deployed numerous Meraki access points throughout 2014 with a 100% customer satisfaction guaranty.  The number of Meraki Customer Success Stories is projected to climb even higher in 2015.

What is Cloud Networking?

Cloud Networking provides centralized management, visibility, and control without the cost and complexity of controller appliances or overlay management software. Cisco Meraki products are built from the ground up for cloud management, and come out of the box with centralized management,  real time web-based diagnostics, monitoring, reporting, and much, much more. Cisco Meraki deploys quickly and easily, without training or proprietary command line interfaces. Meraki’s founders invented Cloud Networking while working as graduate students at M.I.T. Cisco Meraki now has a complete line of cloud networking products that power over 20,000 customer networks, including massive global deployments with tens of thousands of devices

What if I am not ready to embrace the cloud and its support model ?

No worries there.  Cisco have the largest market share of premise based wireless networking solutions in the world (Cisco Wireless Solutions Guide). The Cisco Unified Wireless Network is the industry’s only unified wired and wireless solution that increases employee productivity, enhances collaboration, and improves responsiveness to customers while cost-effectively addressing the security, deployment, management, and control issues involved in large-scale enterprise wireless LAN rollouts. The Cisco Unified Wireless Network is designed for corporate and branch offices, hospitals, retail stores, manufacturing sites, warehouse environments, educational institutions, financial institutions, local and national government organizations, and any other location where mobile connectivity is needed. Designed as a multi-service solution, it supports general Wi-Fi enabled business applications such as e-mail and Internet access, as well as specialized applications, including mobile healthcare, inventory management, retail point-of-sale, video surveillance, and many others. To facilitate integration with business processes, the Cisco Unified Wireless Network offers four Mobility Services: guest access, location, voice, and security.

I've heard Cisco and Meraki are too expensive ?

The only people you will hear that from are the competition and the Cisco partners that are inept at registering your deal to secure a competitive price.  Cisco defines the market when it comes to securing price concessions on competitive deals.  The beauty behind the Meraki solution is that you can optimize your deployment resources.  The Cisco professional configures the network from the comfort of his home location and the wireless hardware gets installed by a cabling technician that gets paid at a much lower rate.   The days of having both resources onsite is gone.  The cost savings is passed onto the customer.

Cisco and Meraki have a free trial program.

The solution is so good Hi Country swapped out its own old wireless gear for a Meraki solution recently and the configuration process took all of about 10 minutes.    Anyone can create a Meraki account at   When you purchase your gear you get a code to claim your device.   From that point its as easy as using the Meraki dashboard to configure your network and mounting your access point.     We now have something new to talk about at social gatherings without killing the party !   Cisco and Meraki have a free trial program so you can't lose by at least experiencing how easy the Meraki solution is to deploy and manage.