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Denver Water Neverfail Solution up and running

Hi Country just completed a successful implementation of a Neverfail Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution for the Denver Water Board.  The Neverfail solution enables and automatic switchover for critical server based software applications regardless of whether the backup server(s) are physical or virtual or in the same location or separated and connected by a WAN.  Neverfail, a leading global IT continuity management company,  won the "Best of VMworld 2013" Gold Award for New Technology. Neverfail's IT Continuity Architect, a new operations management solution that bridges the gap between IT infrastructure and business services, was recognized in the awards ceremony at the VMworld 2013 conference that was sponsored by VMware, Inc.

The Benefits of Advanced Speech Privacy Systems and Sound Masking Technology

VoiceArrest Sound Masking System

The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System is measurably the most effective sound masking system available. This new advanced technology provides several benefits for just about any workplace. Here are a few of the benefits you will enjoy as a result of new advanced technology.

Friday, 16 November 2012 12:43

Cheyenne Phone System Repair and Service

Cheyenne Phone System Repair and Service

As an full service communications provider (cabling, phone systems, network services) we are your #1 source for Cheyenne Phone system repair and service. We are authorized Toshiba, AVST, Cisco, ShoreTel, Avaya, and NEC Dealers. We are your Partner of choice and we offer a comprehensive array of telecommunications products and maintenance services at very competitive prices. We have the team to help you with Cheyenne Phone System Repair and Service.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012 09:48

Telesphere Hosted VoIP PBX

Telesphere Hosted VoIP Telesphere Hosted VoIP PBX The Telesphere hosted VoIP solution takes the best of all worlds and rolls it into one easy-to-use, affordable package. In fact with, Telesphere hosted VoIP services, your business can receive an all-in-one voice and data solution that simplifies and unifies all your communications needs. The Telesphere hosted VoIP PBX technology provides reliable phone service without the hassles usually found in building phone systems—and comes complete with private data connection, business-class IP phones and installation, turnkey phone and Internet service, the latest in user and system features and exceptional support—delivered from the cloud.

Littleton, CO – Hi Country Wire and Telephone was selected by the Foothills Park and Recreation to replace their legacy TDM phone system with a new unified communications solution from ShoreTel.