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Your Partner For Nortel Support Services

Nortel was a multinational telecommunications company that went bankrupt in 2013. Having been founded more than a century ago in 1895, thousands of organizations around the world are still operating on Nortel communications technology. Now that the organization no longer exists, consumers have to look elsewhere for Nortel support services. High Country Workplace Technology can fill that void.
Got one ? In November of 2014 Avaya released an updated lifecycle product matrix. This 38 page document lists the product end of sale, end of manufacturer support, end of extended services support, and end of services support dates for legacy Avaya Red and Nortel Networks (Avaya Blue) products. Please see addendum 1 below for an explanation of each date from Avaya's perspective.
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Nortel BCM support, service, and repair

Nortel BCM support Nortel BCM support, service, and repair Hi Country still has several certified Nortel BCM support technicians on staff and we are servicing systems weekly across the USA. We still provide Nortel BCM support on the Nortel BCM element manager and we have Nortel BCM 50 systems and Nortel BCM 450 manuals as a resource. There is still manufacturer Nortel BCM support available from Avaya, even though Avaya announced the BCM 50 and BCM 450 end-of-sale. But there are many systems still in service and they all require some Nortel BCM support from time to time. We are…
Nortel Phone System Maintenance, Support, Service, and Manuals Yes. Hi Country can still support your Nortel Phone system. The Nortel Phone systems were once the flagship system for small, medium, and large sized busiensses from the 1980's to 2009 and there are still many of them in service. If you need service and support for your Nortel phone system please give us a call at 1-800-845-6780 or fill out our contact form. If you need to get in contact with us, please head over to our contact page to speak with us directly. Nortel Phone System – Meridian PBX CS1000…
ARVADA – Hi Country Wire and Telephone completed installation of a new Nortel CSE1000S Hospital VoIP PBX for the new Centura Summit County Medical center in Frisco, Colorado. Hi Country was awared the bid to install the system in the fall of 2005. The new VoIP PBX system is monitored by the Outpost Sentinel PBX monitoring device on a 24x7x365 basis.
ARVADA – Hi Country Wire and Telephone has completed its Nortel Business Communication Manager (BCM) 50 office phone system installations for Digital Data Services and BioMedical Technology Solutions. The BCM50 is Nortel's newest small office solution that supports both traditional and voice of internet protocol (VoIP) configurations. It's a great system for the traditional and progressive office environment, states Jim Whitfield, the project manager for both installations. "Nortel has done a very good job of offering a solution than can serve most any small office, it's very easy to configure after we obtain the customer's requirements, and the expansion modules…
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