Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 corporation or a start-up tech company, certain fundamentals of your operation remain the same. You have to have the right employees representing your company, you need protocols guiding the daily operations to align with your long-term goals, and you need the right technology in place. Unfortunately, for many business owners, these key elements of a business are often looked at as just another expense, instead of an investment in a valuable asset. This mindset can prevent you from achieving the goals you have for your organization. While we can’t offer much insight on hiring…
Phone System PBX Maintenance & Support Contract(s) HCWT is proud to offer a wide range of PBX maintenance phone system support, service, and monitoring contract plans for systems anywhere in the USA. We have the ability to customize a support plan that meets your needs and budget that can include any manufacturer’s software or technical support offering. Our support plans can include: 24 x 7 monitoring with alarming by phone or email Full-time or part-time onsite support staff Customized response and replacement programs Contact us today for a review and proposal!
PBX Phone Service High Country is your #1 source for PBX Phone Service. We have been providing PBX phone service since 1984 and we can serve Avaya, Cisco, NEC, Nortel, ShoreTel, and Toshiba PBX systems. We have the ability to provide PBX Phone service across the entire USA using our network of partners and technicians. We have PBX phone service maintenance options for your consideration which enable us to know that you need PBX phone service before you. Please give us a call at 1-800-845-6780 or fill out a contact form on our contact page and we'll get you the…
Thursday, 04 October 2012 15:26

NEC UM8700 Unified Communications PBX

NEC UM8700 Unifeid communications NEC UM8700 – executive summary NEC provides a world-class unified communcations solution for NEC PBX owners via the NEC UM8700. The solution utilizes NEC’s best in class call handling and new and existing UM8700 customer the best unified messaging solution.
HCWT wins PBX installation RFP for the new Centura Hosptial in Frisco, Colorado.
High Country Wire and Telephone wins PBX and cabling installation RFP for the new Nobel Sysco campus in Denver, Colorado.