ShoreTel® has just released the new ShoreTel® 14.2 and businesses of all sizes wishing to implement virtualization a lot to be excited about.

The new ShoreTel® 14.2 unified communications software is now making it possible, for businesses of all sizes as well as enterprise-level government and educational organizations, to create their very own customized mix of both virtual and premise Unified Communication deployments.

See our video link below to see how a ShoreTel Unified Communications can free your business from the complexity of systems that require special and complex management software. shoretel-simplicity

Payne Consulting - ShoreTel VoIP

Colorado School of Mines 85' alums Robert Affleck and Jim Whitfield

Jim Whitfield and Hi Country Wire and Telephone just completed a ShoreTel VoIP implementation for Debbie Payne and Robert Affleck at the new Payne Consulting offices.   Robert and Jim attended the Colorado School of Mines together and are both 1985 graduates.  Jim states, "it has been such a heart warming experience to have a former class-mate reach out for a solution.   Payne Consulting could have sought a solution from any other organization.  It has been a very rewarding experience to reconnect with Debbie and Robert since I last saw them at our 25 year reunion celebration."

ShoreTel simplicity - United in Orange

"You promised me the world and you actually delivered it !".  That was the exact sentence from one of our largest clients this week with regard to our ShoreTel implementation for them.   We were there to meet about network design but our customer wanted to give us an update on how the system had been performing.   He went on to say about ShoreTel simplicity,"without having to pay our carrier an arm and a leg or bolt on a new solution I now have the exact report I need with regard to our port utilization.  We have had 6 calls to 911 now since our deployment and I can't tell you how great it is to know at which site and which phone the call was made.  This has enabled us to mobilize our response teams so much faster."

Raleigh ShoreTel Phone  Systems and Solutions

Brilliantly Simple

Raleigh ShoreTel Phone Shoregear Switches

  • Raleigh ShoreTel Phone: Shoregear 30 – combination of 30 stations and/or trunks
  • Raleigh ShoreTel Phone: Shoregear 60 – combination of 60 stations and/or trunks
  • Raleigh ShoreTel Phone: Shoregear 90 – combination of 90 stations and/or trunks
  • Raleigh ShoreTel Phone: Shoregear 120 – combination of 120 stations and/or trunks
  • Raleigh ShoreTel Phone: Shoregear 220T1 – combination of 200 stations and/or trunks
Wednesday, 24 October 2012 10:24

ShoreTel Contact Center

ShoreTel Contact Center (ECC)

ShoreTel Contact center solutions that simplify your customer communications.


Hi Country Wire and Telephone is a fully certified ShoreTel Contact Center (ECC) partner.

Customers expect higher levels of service than ever, and multisite contact centers are now the norm. Built on the highly reliable voice capabilities of our on-premise unified communications system, the ShoreTel Contact Center solution easily connects internal and external customers to the right agent at the right time. The result? Lowered costs and an improved customer experience that help to transform your contact center into a revenue center.

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