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ShoreTel have released their new "Connect" Unified Communications Platform.   This new release is a bold step into offering either a cloud, onsite, or hybrid solution.  This platform then offers the greatest flexibility for an organization to be able to choose whether a cloud or premised based solution will work best.   Here are some short videos from ShoreTel regarding the new release.
shore·tel e·piph·a·ny /SHôrtel epifane/ - the response from someone that realizes for the first time just how much a ShoreTel solution can improve their productivity and how brilliantly simple it is to administer and operate.  Here is our epiphany moment:

ShoreTel Advanced Applications

ShoreTel offers a portfolio of software applications that deliver on the promise of unified communications (UC) by increasing return on investment of both the ShoreTel UC system and a customer’s existing business applications. By tying organizational communications into core business processes, these innovative solutions help to increase employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage collaboration, and improve customer satisfaction. The result is a more efficient and profitable enterprise.

Hi Country has added ShoreTel's Cloud Unified Communications solution, ShoretelSky, to its suite of service offerings.  The ShoreTelSky solution is a cloud solution that offers the best possible customer service experience with regard to Unified Communications as a Service  (UCaaS).

ARVADA, CO - High Country Workplace Technologies has completed an very successful installation of a comprehensive ShoreTel Phone System along with a new Cisco core and access layer 3 switches for the City of Cheyenne and Cheyenne Police Department.  The installation completes a 10-year plan by the Capitol City's Technology Departments to replace its legacy Avaya PBX Communications phone system, legacy US West telephony services, and old network switching.

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