Tuesday, 09 October 2018 11:48

Everything You Need To Know About Avaya Unified Communications

If you are in an administrative role in any company, you’ve likely become familiar with various unified communications platforms and the benefits they offer to the efficiency of your business operations. When it comes to communications systems, all providers are not created equal. We’ve spent nearly twenty years as an Avaya unified communications manager, so we’ve become intimately familiar the nuances that make this the ideal platform for small and mid-sized businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about Avaya unified communications options.

What Is Unified Communications?

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of unified communications, you are not alone. As technology evolves, this space continues to become more and more advanced. Unified communications is the concept of integrating all of the communications technology that is used in a workplace so they are compatible. In today’s corporate environment, it is essential to have a system in place that allows your employees to take advantage of audio and voice conferencing, messaging, data sharing, and mobility options, in addition to traditional voice calls. This is what Avaya unified communications offers, bundled in a unique, scalable model.

An Overview Of Avaya Unified Communications

Avaya was founded in 2000 in Santa Clara, California. Right off the bat, one of the principal offerings allowed for the formation of multi-site call centers. The purpose behind the continued evolution of this technology was to develop the road map for converged, or unified, communications.

Late last year, the communications giant revised their strategy under new leadership to a cloud-first model that allowed for partners and clients to benefit from revolutionary artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Avaya Unified Communications Offerings

Over the years, Avaya has developed a robust profile of unified communications offerings to satisfy the needs of their various business clients. With nearly 25 customizable options, business with just a couple dozen employees and enterprise corporations with a couple thousand employees can create an Avaya unified communications that supports their operation and helps them run more efficiently.

The sophisticated technology the communications platforms operate on allow them to be compatible with Avaya’s various voice and video conferencing solutions, as well as with multimedia messaging systems. Depending on the needs of your business, you can customize a solution that fits your staff and client load and provides the technology you need to communicate.

Finding The Right Avaya Unified Communications Manager

Avaya has partners across the country to help clients find the right unified communications system for their business. When you work with High Country, you’ll have a team of technology experts to help you identify voids in your current technology systems and fill them with compatible solutions that help you maximize the efficiency of your business operations.

Contact High Country today and partner with Denver’s leading Avaya Unified Communications managers.