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Everything You Need To Know About The Mitel Hotel Phone System

The idea of making a significant investment in a hotel phone system when everyone seems to be landline-averse can seem troublesome. Many hospitality and guest services oriented industry leaders find themselves facing this exact dilemma, wondering if the benefit truly outweighs the cost. Take it from the pros – it does. One particular provider has perfected a hospitality oriented communications system that gives you the most bang for your buck. The Mitel hotel phone system is the leading guest services communications solution and we've got the exclusive guide to it.

What Does The Mitel Phone System Offer?

Mitel has been a leading provider in the telecommunications industry for nearly half a century. They have done this by maintaining a competitive advantage with products that are consumer-centric. Their hospitality solutions are no exception.

MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for guest management services. The benefits of this platform focus on one thing: the guest. Now, how exactly does the Mitel hotel phone system help hospitality management teams operate more smoothly and guests have an exceptional experience?

A Tool For Improved Fundamental Operations

Mitel phone systems are extremely adaptable and include a wide range of phones that are tied into an easy-to-use software application that can be managed from a single location, like your reception desk. The Mitel systems seamlessly integrate with the current property management systems that you may have in place already to help you provide excellent customer service to your guests, from booking to wake-up calls to check-out.

An Easy To Use Solution

The beauty of the Mitel phone systems is how user-friendly the interface is. This is quite the upgrade from some of the more archaic systems that we are used to using, which end to be difficult to navigate and lack the ability to integrate with other, more modern, systems. With a Mitel phone, hospitality managers and staff are able to perform necessary tasks more quickly and more efficiently. Not only does this make the job of your team members easier but it also allows your staff to spend more time focusing on the needs of your guests, instead of lost in a maze of outdated technology.

A Comprehensive Package

Mitel phone systems are exceptionally compatible with all of the other system offerings. This includes the MiVoice Office 400 communication server, meaning that with the Mitel hotel phone system, you can capitalize on the benefits of unified communications functions, DECT mobile phone integration, CTI applications and building automation, which would allow you to control everything from the doors to the blinds to the air conditioning. What more could you want from a phone system?

A Customizable System That Makes Sense For You

With the Mitel hospitality solution, you can can choose the front desk solution that makes the most sense for your property. Mitel systems take into account the number of rooms you have, any special functions your guests may require, and the infrastructure that is available at the location in question.

Who Reaps The Benefits Of The Mitel Hotel Phone System?

To put it simply, everyone can benefit from implementing Mitel phones. Your management team gains a platform that streamlines and consolidates administrative processes, while your staff can take advantage of the ability to communicate between departments to facilitate a superb guest experience.

At the end of the day, the Mitel hotel phone system makes it easier for you to manage your property, all while providing your guests with the experience they are seeking. It's a win-win scenario, any way you slice it.

If you're interested in integrating the Mitel hotel phone system into your guest-management communications operation, contact the experts at High Country Workplace Technologies today to set up a consultation.

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