Thursday, 02 May 2019 14:00

The Exclusive Guide To VoIP Phone Systems In Denver

VoIP phone systems seem to have dominated the business landscape in recent years. Why? Primarily because they offer the flexibility businesses require in today’s technologically-savvy climate, but that’s only the beginning of what makes these phone systems so appealing to business owners. HCWT is the premier unified communications expert in Denver, so we’d like to share with you our tips and tricks for successfully deploying and maintaining VoIP phone systems in Denver.

How Do VoIP Phone Systems Work?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In the case of phone systems, it means phone service that relies on the internet. VoIP phone systems are not entirely different from anything else, like an e-mail or instant message, you might send over the internet. The voice data is packaged and sent over an IP network, eliminating the need for a traditional phone line entirely.

There are a few different ways to employ a VoIP phone system in a Denver business, each of which can be adapted to suit the unique needs of businesses at different size and price points.

Cloud VS. Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

If you are considering VoIP phone systems for your Denver business, you will have some important decisions to make about the application of a VoIP phone. One of the most important characteristics of your phone system will be whether you want a cloud-based or on-site installation. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each.


All software and hardware is housed and maintained by the VoIP provider when you opt for a hosted solution, whereas an on-premises solution features phone systems and the supporting hardware and software are installed in your company’s office. This makes a big difference in the start-up cost, as well as the ongoing maintenance of installing a VoIP phone system in Denver.


Hosted VoIP phone systems are housed in the cloud, meaning there is a lower up-front cost for the set-up and equipment. Alternatively, an on-premise VoIP solution will come with a higher up-front cost for equipment and set up, but a lower monthly cost after the initial expenses have been covered.


One essential factor that you’ll want to keep in mind when considering VoIP phone systems in Denver is the speed at which your business is growing. Expansion costs can be a determining factor in how you deploy your VoIP system, as the customer has much more control over the cost of expanding an on-premises solution.


Today’s business climate, security is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to technology. When it comes to a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system, all the security is taken care of by the provider. This is often the more favorable option for businesses whose size and budget don’t allow for their own robust security measures. Alternatively, an on-premises VoIP phone system in a Denver office that already has extensive security measures in place can be a good option, especially when you have the on-site IT staff to maintain the system and it’s security.

Deciding On The Right VoIP Phone System For Your Denver Business

All in all, both hosted and on-premises VoIP phone systems have unique advantages and drawbacks that can play strategically to the strengths and weaknesses of a business. If you’re considering VoIP phone systems for your Denver organization, contact the experts at HCWT to help you find the right system, provider, and application for your operation.