Thursday, 31 March 2005 09:14

HCWT's Nortel solution for American Furniture Warehouse

ARVADA – Hi Country Wire and Telephone announced today that it has completed a Nortel VoIP solution for American Furniture Warehouse’s customer service department.

The solution is saving American Furniture Warehouse hundred’s of dollars on its monthly long distance customer service toll calls and local Qwest T1 service by routing customer service calls over the American Furniture Warehouse wide area network.

The VoIP solution entails the installation of a Nortel Business Communications Manager (BCM) at each of the stores in the Colorado area. This deployment enables American Furniture warehouse to publish a local customer service number in the area code for each store location. Customer service calls are then connected to the local Nortel BCM system at each of the stores and routed over the American Furniture WAN to the main Thornton customer service center. Figure 1 below shows how calls were completed before the deployment and …

Figure 1

Figure 2 above shows how customer service calls are completed after the deployment.

In addition to the VoIP customer service call traffic each Nortel BCM system functions as the phone system and voice mail system for each store location. Information Technology staff connected to the wide area network have the abilility to make configuration changes to any remote system and monitor customer service call traffic. The configuration changes are made from a web browser compatible software program.

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