Monday, 15 August 2005 10:29

HCWT installs voice mail for Pueblo County Government

ARVADA – Hi Country Wire and Telephone announced it has completed installation of a new voice mail system for Pueblo County Goverment in Pueblo Colorado.

The new voice mail system serves as the primary voice mail system for the county’s 800 employees. The system performs all of the voice call processing and call routing in concert with the county’s Qwest Centrex plus service via Simplified Message Desk Interface (SMDI) integration. “We don’t see too many SMDI integrations in operation,” states Hi Country account executive Rob Frank,”but we have had some signficant experience working centrex plus over the past decade.”

The voice mail solution for the County also enables over 500 of the voice mail users to receive voice messages inside their outlook email program interface. “We did not want any voice messages to be stored on our Microsoft Exchange service with a unified messaging system. The integrated access client enables us to listen, forward, and save voice messages within Outlook but stores the voice messages on the telephony server. Hi Country did a great job of getting our new voice mail installed and cutover.” says Annette Betz.

The CallXpress solution for the county allows up to 40 simultaneous calls to interact with the county’s voice messages or call processors. The county prepared an RFP for a new voice mail system in 2004 and after considering several options the High Country proposal won the bid.

CallXpress and ICA are PBX independent voice messaging products. The voice mail system as the capability to integrate with most any type of PBX and or dial tone service like the Qwest Centrex Plus service. The CallXpress product line has been in existence for over 15 years and Hi Country has sold and supported the CallXpress product line at many front-range locations from Pueblo, Colorado to Laramie, Wyoming since 1996.

Hi Country Wire and Telephone is a supplier of business phone systems, phone service, voice mail, and internet access. Hi Country, owned by Robert Whitfield Sr., is currently servicing numerous city governments, automotive dealerships, federal and local government agencies along with government contractors and businesses of all sizes. More information on Hi Country Wire and Telephone can be obtained at More information about Peublo County Goverment can be obtained at