Saturday, 15 August 2009 11:10

Hi Country completes Polycom telepresence project for Geoeye

ARVADA (CO) – Hi Country Wire and Telephone, in partnership with IP 5280, has been selected to implement a SIP trunk pilot program for Northern Illinois University.

The program will begin this month, and is scheduled to run until January, 2010. If successful, this pilot will pave the way for Northern Illinois to replace all traditional dial tone services with modern voice over IP technology (VoIP).

Traditional voice services, such as analog phone lines and PRI T1s, utilize copper-wire connections to the Public Switch Telephone Network and its series of central offices. VoIP solutions provide dial tone via dedicated connections to the public internet. The most common form of VoIP dial tone is a technology called Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

There are many benefits to moving away from traditional voice services, especially when it comes to annual costs. With PRI T1 service, organizations are typically forced to purchase voice trunks on 1, 2, or 3 year terms. These PRI T1s then provide a fixed number of call paths over the lifetime of the contracted period. As a result, customers must purchase enough trunks to accommodate the highest call volumes possible during the duration of their contract. For a University such as Northern Illinois, the demand for voice trunks changes throughout the year. As students come and go from campus, and registration programs begin and end, varying levels of voice channels are required to support the call volume of the entire organization. This scenario presents large cost inefficiencies, as services paid for by the University are often more than necessary throughout the year.

When utilizing IP voice services from a company such as IP5280, an organization can take advantage of scalable SIP trunking. By utilizing the bandwidth of an existing internet connection, SIP trunk providers can provision voice lines that mirror the capabilities of traditional wire-line connections to the public telephone network. The difference between the two is that SIP trunks can be turned on and off with the click of a mouse, whereas wire-line services require lengthy connect and disconnect procedures (the primary reason for their extended contract terms). This enables companies like IP 5280 to scale their services on a monthly basis to accommodate the changing needs of their customers, thereby decreasing their annual telecommunications costs.

Hi Country and IP 5280 are proud to be a part of this endeavor. We will strive to meet the objectives of Northern Illinois in our effort to bring them the most modern and efficient technology for handling the demands of their telephone users.