Thursday, 21 May 2020 14:26

5 Benefits of VoIP Hospitality Phone Systems

In the hospitality industry, effective employee and guest communication are necessary to succeed. And you know as well as anyone that you’ll use your hospitality phone system for more than just wake-up calls, reservations, and customer service. Your phone system needs to help increase productivity and boost your bottom line.

To do that, you need a VoIP hotel phone system. Here’s why.

1. VoIP hospitality phone systems save you money

VoIP (or Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems are more cost-effective than traditional wired systems. Wired phone systems are expensive to install and each line requires a recurring monthly cost. And if you need special features such as call transferring or call queuing (which you likely will), you’ll need to install a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), which is usually a few thousand dollars minimum.

But with a VoIP phone system, your phones use a technology your hotel already has, the internet. It doesn’t require its own separate system or hardware; it runs over your existing broadband service, saving you time and money.

2. VoIP hospitality phone systems improve customer service

Hotels constantly have calls coming in and going out. Between reservations, guest requests, and customer service calls, your phones are often off the hook.

Thankfully, VoIP phone systems have features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to help you better manage incoming calls. Just set up interactive menu options and your guests will easily be able to reach the right department, get answers to FAQs, and manage reservations, without needing to talk to a staff member or be put on hold.

3. Hotel VoIP phone systems help create a more personalized experience

Hotels have a lot of competitors, so it’s incredibly important to show potential customers why they should choose you. To create a more personalized experience, VoIP phone systems can connect to a CRM system.

This way, you can record details about each guest, including their first and last name, any specific needs they have, as well as their history with your hotel. When they call the front desk, your integrated CRM service will show this information on the computer so that staff can greet each person by name. This goes a long way in customer service and can greatly increase customer loyalty.

4. Hotel VoIP phone systems improve staff productivity

VoIP phone systems help streamline communications so your staff can operate more efficiently. With features like automated call distribution, pre-recorded announcements, auto attendants, interactive voice response, voicemail, and one-click call forwarding, your staff won’t be stuck on the phone all day long.

5. VoIP hospitality phone systems help unify communications

VoIP phone systems are easily integrable with hospitality applications, guest room phones, CRMs, and property management systems. With VoIP, you can manage staff-to-staff communication and guest services with one, unified communication system.

Hospitality phone systems in Denver

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