Wednesday, 11 April 2018 14:28

Hotel Phone Systems – Still A Good Investment?

These days everyone is running around with a highly-connected mobile device at their finger tips. This ability to communicate so easily has hospitality industry leaders around the world considering eliminating their current hotel phone systems. While the revenue on landline telephones has seen a marked decrease as the need for dollar-per-minute long-distance calls dwindle, an effective hotel phone system still plays a vital role in the overall guest experience.

Your Hotel Phone System Isn't Making Money...

The times have changed. There is no denying that. Hotels are no longer able to charge for long-distance calls and make a profit this way. However, just because there is no longer a direct link from telephone to profit, does not mean that hotel phone systems do not have an impact on the bottom line. It is time to consider the phone system as an amenity. It now serves the same sort of purpose as fresh linens or an exercise room – convenience.

The Role Of Hotel Phone Systems In Guest Experience

Aside from the essential, emergency-related benefits of having a working landline phone, the right hotel phone systems offer a kind of seamless functionality that lends itself towards an exceptional guest experience.

Efficient Check-In Process

With a unified communications system, you are able to streamline the entire process of a hotel stay both for your guests and your staff. When guests arrive to check-in, information can be easily referenced and dealt with accordingly, getting your guests to where they want to be faster. The right system will eliminate the hassle of searching through records while an impatient guest stands tapping their foot.

Support Customer Service Initiatives

Even if the hotel phone is only used to buzz down for extra towels or order room service, the ease of doing so will enhance the guest experience. No one wants to sit through transfer after transfer to get a hold of the right staff member, or worse have to leave the comfort of their room because they are unable to communicate effectively with the staff.

Additionally, as hotel phone systems are becoming more advanced, your employees are able to automate things like wake-up calls to ensure that you are providing all of the services guests may seek during their stay. Our hotel phone systems have the ability to track whether or not a guest receiving a wake-up call answered their phone, allowing for your staff to follow-up if a call goes unanswered. Advanced hotel phone systems help you take your customer service capabilities to the next level.

Adaptable For Various Business Models

Whether you are operating a 1,000-room hotel in a major destination city or a quaint bed and breakfast that is off the beaten path, you need a hotel phone system that complements your day-to-day business operations. With advancing technology, you are able to pick and choose the equipment that will best suit the needs of your employees and guests. You are no longer locked into an inflexible hotel phone system package that actually hinders your ability to operate efficiently.

User-Friendly For Staff And Guests

The beauty of advanced hotel phone systems is that they remain user-friendly. This means that your guests can operate their room phones to get what they need and your employees will not require endless training sessions to learn how to adapt their responsibilities to a new system. This saves time and helps you provide your guests with a problem-free stay.

Safe and Secure Communication

Features like auto-delete that now come embedded into hotel phone systems help you protect your guests' information. Security can be a serious threat with advancing technology, so the ability to provide this service to your guests in an automated way that does not cost your business will enhance the overall experience for both you and your guests. After all, many people are traveling to get away from their worries, not find more in their hotel stay.

Hotel Phone Systems In Denver

High Country Workplace Technologies offers complete unified communications services designed specifically for the hospitality industry. With more than 30 years of experience, our team is well versed in new and legacy technologies so that we can best serve your business. If you are interested in maintaining, upgrading, or enhancing the effectiveness of your current hotel phone systems, contact High Country today.