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Custom Music on Hold, Voice Over, and IVR prompt Services

Music On Hold

Music On Hold - definition and restrictions

Music on Hold is the process of playing music or a recorded greeting to a caller that is on hold or in a contact center queue.  It is a great way to advertise to your customer base assuming they are not on hold very long. Essentially the phone system puts the caller on a conference with the music on hold station for the time they are on hold.  Most phone systems now provide an RCA audio port or allow for a recording to be loaded as a .WAV file onto the system.

Hi Country can help you implement this service to your customers.

It is illegal to place commercial music on  hold on your phone system without an ASCAP license.   Another option is to record the music yourself, find music that doesn't have an ASCAP restriction, or have a voice over completed.   Here are some resources and options.

Music On Hold - definition and restrictions

Having music on hold problems ?  Most of the problems we hear about are complaints from cell phone callers that the music on hold sounds terrible.  Please realize that in the world of VoIP that some calls, especially mobile phones, use the G.729 compression algorithm and since G.729 is based upon phonetic human speech music will obviously not work well.

Music On Hold - resources