Sunday, 06 October 2013 10:29

HCWT implements another Neverfail Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution

Denver Water Neverfail Solution up and running

Hi Country just completed a successful implementation of a Neverfail Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution for the Denver Water Board.  The Neverfail solution enables and automatic switchover for critical server based software applications regardless of whether the backup server(s) are physical or virtual or in the same location or separated and connected by a WAN.  Neverfail, a leading global IT continuity management company,  won the "Best of VMworld 2013" Gold Award for New Technology. Neverfail's IT Continuity Architect, a new operations management solution that bridges the gap between IT infrastructure and business services, was recognized in the awards ceremony at the VMworld 2013 conference that was sponsored by VMware, Inc.

Here is how the Neverfail Business Continuity Solutions can help your enterprise regardless of size.

Managed service providers offer remote compute and storage resources, coupled with WAN connectivity to your site, as a packaged service. These resources provide Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), when provided by your local managed service provider and powered by Neverfail. A DRaaS solution can provide a cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution for an SMB’s business-critical applications with:
  • Industry-leading recovery. Unlike Disaster Recovery solutions powered by backup, Neverfail replicates live application data in real time to the DRaaS service provider’s cloud recovery site. Coupled with Neverfail’s automated failover/failback, this means that you can be back up and running in minutes, with no more than seconds worth of data loss – all at the same price as traditional backup.
  • Remote Protection. By definition, a managed service provider operates its cloud data center remotely, far from the primary business location, so any local outages won’t affect their ability to recover your business operations.
  • Integration with virtualization. Neverfail works together with your local managed service provider to pre-integrate all the required technology into a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution that is directly plumbed into your data center with minimal effort. It couples tightly with VMware vSphere and VMware Site Recovery Manager to provide integrated physical and virtual management. Thereafter, your service provider manages the Disaster Recovery service remotely with support from Neverfail.
  • Subscription-based payment. Forget large CapEx costs. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service is provided on a monthly subscription basis, typically on a 12-month rolling contract. The economies of scale provided by a cloud-based model mean that the variable costs of compute and storage are provided at industry-leading rates. Cloud service providers are also able to provide resources on a fully elastic basis, so there’s no dedicated infrastructure to fund through the subscription. And since Neverfail includes WAN de-duplication technology, the cost associated with WAN bandwidth is reduced by up to 80 percent.
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