Wednesday, 20 March 2013 09:26

Introducing Atom by AVST - "it's like Siri for the Enterprise"


Atom is a fresh take on the personal assistant for the Enterprise. AVST is using Atom to not only empower the primary user but in some cases also the caller. It is effectively acting like a 24/7 office manager that understands the context of a given situation.

Atom is really more of an architecture than a product. Initially, it will tie into the AVST CX-E / CallXpress series of products, but that will expand as will its sources of information. Atom addresses the challenge of giving the caller more information (context) to determine the shortest path to resolution. For example, is it better to leave someone a voice mail or seek an alternative contact? The answer depends on the situation, and most people don’t regularly update their outgoing voice mail greeting with updated availability information.


Atom notes the primary user’s digital trail to ascertain context. It may know your location either from the geo-awareness within the mobile client (Android and iOS), or by sensing which Wi-Fi network is nearest.   It can also check your presence status on Microsoft Lync and it can view your calendar.   It can even detect if your Plantronics headset is on. It uses this information to ascertain the best way to process incoming calls. If your presence is in “do not disturb,” it can route incoming calls to your voicemail box.   Atom syncs with your calendar, and can notify callers you are “in a meeting and will be back at 2 p.m.”

Atom knows your location, business contacts, messages, and presence status. That might sound a bit creepy, but keep in mind AVST isn’t an advertising company -- this awareness is kept within an organization’s private domain.

It also has a rich Unified Communications feature set that includes unified messaging,  single number reach, hands-free speech recognition, and mobile number protection. Atom provides unified messaging and works with a wide variety of email systems (premise-based and public cloud) and integrates with every major voice platform.

As a personal assistant, Atom can provide the primary user a speech interface to their own information. It uses a Nuance speech recognition engine to interpret spoken requests. For example, since it knows your contacts, it can “call John Smith.” Atom can “get new messages” and summarize the day’s appointments with “get my calendar for today.” Plus, Atom is multi-lingual.

Atom will be available in CX-E/S 8.5, which will be released in Summer of 2013.   Please call Hi Country at 800-845-6780 to learn more about how Atom and increase the productivity of your staff and customers.