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Introducing the Avaya IP Office Contact Center

Avaya IP Office Contact Center

Hi Country is your #1 source for Avaya IP Office Contact Center Solutions.  We also have a custom engineering team available to help you obtain the customized reports that meet your business requirements.
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The Avaya IP Office Contact Center comes with the IP Office advanced version.  There are three different flavors of the IP Office system that are available for your business to choose from. IP Office Advanced Edition enables growing businesses to take advantage of Avaya’s industry-leading contact center expertise. For small to medium businesses that want to differentiate themselves through exceptional customer service, Advanced Edition provides customer service reps and their supervisors with the tools to effectively handle call volumes and gather and report valuable customer intelligence to help increase sales and agent productivity. Building on the IP Office Preferred Edition (required pre-requisite), Advanced Edition helps businesses take customer service to a higher level. Avaya IP Office Contact Center Overview


•    Avaya IP Office Contact Center - View agent status – Customer service reps and supervisors can get real-time information on call queues, hold times, agent status and more, to help ensure customers are always being served quickly, efficiently and professionally.

•    Avaya IP Office Contact Center - Call Quality Assurance – Customer service supervisors can listen in and monitor an agent’s performance on inbound or outbound calls. Supervisors can provide coaching directly to the agent during a live call without the customer hearing to ensure quality standards are being met and increasing customer satisfaction.

•    Avaya IP Office Contact Center - Manage campaign performance – Growing businesses can get real-time insights into how marketing campaigns are performing so resources can be adjusted if necessary to maximize on the investment. Capture real time as well as historical information such as telephone number and area where responders are calling from (among other data) that can help streamline costs and boost campaign- generated revenue.

•    Avaya IP Office Contact Center - Selectively retrieve recorded calls – Call recording can positively impact customer service and revenue and it also enables more meaningful training sessions. Calls can be easily and securely retrieved from any PC by searching on any number of fields such as date, time and extension number, and archived to a storage device such as DVD.

•    Avaya IP Office Contact Center - Assess agent productivity – Customer service supervisors can gather current and historic data and generate reports to gauge the productivity and performance of agents. The intuitive browser-based interface offers drag-and-drop simplicity, making it easy to configure, generate and deliver customized reports that can be acted upon quickly.

•    Avaya IP Office Contact Center - Automate popular inquiries – Free up valuable time for customer service reps by providing customers with easy-to-use caller menus for fast and efficient responses to commonly-asked questions. Callers can respond with touch-tone or voice response (or both). Create customized surveys. Retrieve information the same way voicemail messages are replayed.

•    Avaya IP Office Contact Center - Create self service menus – Improve generating revenue even outside of normal business hours. Customized, automated self-help menus allow customers to place or change orders, check status of shipments, and more.