Tuesday, 04 June 2019 23:08

The Insider’s Handbook To Avaya IP Office

Avaya has been a leading provider of communications technology for many years. Their product lines focus one providing one key element to all users: simplicity. Avaya IP Office is no different. Let’s talk about what Avaya IP Office offers to business owners and who can benefit from this technology.

So, What Is Avaya IP Office?

The IP Office line is the product line that is specifically formulated for small to mid-sized businesses. The beauty of this design is the hybrid PBX approach. While the platform is built on legacy technology at the core, the VoIP and SIP applications make it highly suitable for a variety of different businesses, especially those who are already operating with a legacy system.

What Can Avaya IP Office Offer Small And Mid-Sized Businesses?

This type of hybrid technology can transform your business model due to the extensive capabilities it offers without the major overhead costs that are typically associated with the features. From flexible application to mobile solutions and everything in between, Avaya IP Office could be the technology solution your business is looking for.

Various Deployment Options

Avaya IP Office can be implemented in the cloud, on premise, or with a hybrid deployment. Depending on the needs of your business not only at the initial point of installation but also what you may be looking for in 5, 10 or 20 years, this voice solution can easily adapt when it makes sense for your operation.

Single Point Of Contact

This technology solution is the definition of convenience. By combining voice, video, messaging, conferencing, calendars, and everything else you may need in a communications platform, your employees can operate more efficiently, adding to the cost-savings you can experience with Avaya IP Office.

Additionally, the integration capabilities for platforms you are already using, such as Microsoft Office or Salesforce, make this all-in-one solution the ideal choice for many business owners.

Maximum Scalability

For many business technology solutions scalability often means a lot of additional costs. Avaya IP Office strives to break this mold with capabilities that can accommodate anywhere from 5 employees at a single location to 3,000 employees across 150 networked sites.

Implementing Avaya IP Office For Your Business

There are five different editions of Avaya IP Office, each with unique characteristics that may better suit different business models. The three Appliance Editions - Basic, Essential, and Preferred - can serve anywhere from 100 to 1,000 users on a single server. The two Server Editions - Server Edition and Office Select - are better suited for larger organizations accommodating anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 users. Additionally, there are various licensing options so that you can customize your solution to further suit your business needs.

Is Avaya IP Office Right For You?

The hybrid design of Avaya IP Office makes this the ideal communications solution for businesses that have already invested in Avaya or Nortel telephone systems. Rather than lose your investment in legacy technology or waste thousands of dollars on a new age system that isn’t compatible with your current communications system, Avaya IP Office gives you the ability to marry the two - a legacy core system and new age features and applications.

If you have legacy technology in place that’s not getting the job done and you think Avaya IP Office might be offer the additional features, convenience, and compatibility you need, contact the experts at High Country today to learn more about how Avaya IP Office can move the needle for your business.