Monday, 15 February 2016 14:36

Introducing ShoreTel Connect Cloud

ShoreTel have announced new ERATE pricing for education.  Don't miss on your opportunity to get a best in class cloud PBX solution and at a lower cost. To compete in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing corporate world, businesses must deliver excellent customer support with around the clock call availability.  In addition, the workforce has become more remote and the need to have a communications solution that can be leveraged across locations has become increasingly important.

More and more businesses are choosing a cloud based phone solution which is also known as a hosted PBX phone system.  This is a fully managed enterprise grade PBX phone system utilizing cloud-based technology to connect your business.  You are able to communicate over broadband internet without the need for traditional phone lines or equipment thereby saving your company expensive up-front costs.

With a cloud based technology phone system, all you need is a single telephone number, even if your employees are distributed in multiple locations geographically.  This enables your employees to respond to customers, vendors and others any time of day and from anywhere in the world.

Some of the great features include:

  • Mobility: The ability to get calls on your office number and mobile phones.
  • Message Management: Employees are able to manage messages and voice mails from their customers without any delay.
  • Call Forwarding: The ability to forward incoming calls to different numbers can ensure each and every call is answered during peak periods and emergencies.
  • Collaboration: Instant messaging, voice chat, video chat and the ability to share a desktop make it easy for your team to deliver high quality customer service.

Cloud Based Phone Solutions Benefits:

  • Lower costs: Since the phone system is cloud based, there is no need to incur up-front hardware and installation.  In addition, there is no need to involve IT support to maintain the system.
  • Multiple locations, scalability: For a business with multiple locations, a cloud based phone solution enables employees to stay connected to customers and each other on the same phone system.  This allows companies to have one phone bill to pay, seamlessly transfer calls between locations, easily add new lines and extensions and add new locations.
  • Mobility: A cloud phone system integrates with mobile devices allowing your employees to communicate with each other and the customer.  Not only can they make work calls, but they are also able to text.
  • Management: It is easy to manage a cloud phone system through a web browser from any location.  Your employees are able to handle rules, users, and remote details can be changed or updated easily.  You can also accurately monitor your bill with the ability to drill down into the finer details of each costs.
  • Feature-rich: Regardless of the size of your business, you will have access to a host of features (call diverting, call logs, conference calling and auto attendant ) often too costly with standard phone systems.

Choosing a cloud based phone system helps a business gain a competitive edge with improved employee productivity, better customer service and lower IT costs.  Contact High Country Workplace Technologies in Colorado at 303-467-5504 today to move to the cloud.