Monday, 16 March 2020 11:37

Mobile Office Solutions To Help You Work From Home

Working from home or when you’re on the go comes with a very unique set of challenges. Can you connect to the internet? Are your files securely stored if they can be accessed remotely? Is speed or quality compromised when you’re not hardlined into the network? These are all questions that business owners are wondering as our working society continuously shifts to a more remote climate. As a business owner, you want to ensure that you have the infrastructure in place to support a work-from-home model should your employees need that flexibility or societal changes dictate it. Here’s a few tools that you should consider when you’re expanding the mobility of your business operation.

Avaya Mobile Solutions

Avaya has long-since been the go-to for cloud-based communications solutions. A recent partnership has led them to the forefront of mobile office solutions. Avaya Cloud Office combines the technology and reach of Avaya and RingCentral, bringing a tidal wave of innovation to the UCaaS market. In addition to industry-leading technological changes, Avaya is actively supporting businesses as they respond to the COVID-19 concerns. This includes extending a complimentary license for their contact center platforms to support work from home capabilities. HCWT can help you take advantage of the complimentary licenses that cover:

  • Avaya Contact Center - Remote Agent
  • Avaya Call Center Elite - Agent for Desktop or One-X Agent
  • Avaya Oceana - Agent for Desktop
  • Avaya Aura Contact Center - Agent Desktop or One-X Communicator
  • Avaya Contact Center Select - Agent Desktop with Communicator

These licenses will seamlessly integrate into your existing contact center solutions and support your agents as they work remotely without compromising the user experience.

Contact center solutions aren’t the only ones getting a work from home revamp. Avaya Spaces, an extensive video conferencing solution is also available to help your team stay connected, no matter where they are. Additionally, Avaya Spaces is available free of charge for all of our educational and non-profit organizations through the end of August. Contact HCWT to learn how we can support your work from home teams with Avaya solutions.

Konftel Mobilization & Collaboration

Konftel is another great resource that business owners can leverage as their employees are working from home or requiring more flexible work environments. Konftel was born out of the need to have high-quality collaboration tools that were readily available for voice and video conferencing, no matter where in the world the members of the call were. In today’s climate, it’s not just international communication we’re focused on. Even if a colleague or a client is just a few miles down the road, you don’t want voice or video transmission quality to be compromised.

The engineers who designed the Konftel voice conferencing and video conferencing solutions were focused on two things: quality and functionality. That’s what led them to produce what is now one of the most scalable conferencing solutions that connects to the hub with a simple USB 3.0 cable.

Whether you’ve already got a video and voice conferencing system and the changing dynamics of the workforce is showing you it’s not up to the task or you’ve found yourself in a pinch and you need quality conferencing capabilities fast, allow High Country to introduce Konftel’s state of the art systems.

Mitel Mobile Office Solutions

Mobile office solutions are Mitel’s bread and butter. MiCloud Office is the go-to solution for a remote office infrastructure. This unified communication solution was born in the cloud for advanced scalability. Being cloud-enabled, MiCloud office offers a lot of flexibility should your work from home staff grow, your internal team dynamics change, or the general needs of your company evolve.

It’s designed specifically to support the bulk of your workforce, whether they are in the office or at home. It features calling solutions, task management solutions, a CRM, and vast integration capabilities to ensure your team has all the support they need to succeed.

Contact High Country today to learn more about applying MiCloud Office or other Mitel solutions to your remote business model.

Work From Home Successfully With Mobile Office Solutions

The corporate work environment is constantly evolving. As things change and adapt, we must follow suit. At High Country, we’ve been working closely with our clients to ensure they have all the information necessary to make informed decisions for their operations and COVID 19. Mitel, Avaya, and Konftel all have the ability to enable remote work scenarios for little to no extra cost, in some cases. Please contact us should you need any information on how these solutions can be configured to help your business get through this situation.