Thursday, 04 October 2012 15:26

NEC UM8700 Unified Communications PBX

NEC UM8700 Unifeid communications

NEC UM8700 – executive summary

NEC provides a world-class unified communcations solution for NEC PBX owners via the NEC UM8700. The solution utilizes NEC’s best in class call handling and new and existing UM8700 customer the best unified messaging solution.

NEC UM8700 -top reasons to own or upgrade

  • Provides unified messaging, mobility, and best in class unified messaging at minimum cost
  • Links your NEC using SIP and minimizes cost, equipment, and downtime
  • Works in a virtualized environment
  • Increases effieciency through user and business productivity-enhancing tools
  • NEC UM8700 – overview

    UM8700 delivers best-in-class applications that can enhance a user’s efficiency and poductivity as well as a business’s overall effectiveness in the marketplace. These productivity-enhancing tools provide users with the ability to access and manage all of their messages, whether they’re in the office or on the oad. In addition, users are able to direct incoming calls to the device of their choice so that they never miss an important call.

    NEC UM8700 – features

  • Get instant access to e-mail, voicemail and fax messages in one inbox
  • Retrieve messages from any location, using a phone, computer or mobile device
  • Prioritize voice messages more easily
  • See all messages at a glance
  • NEC UM8700 – speech enabled interface

  • Access messages (“Get new messages,” “Get new e-mail”)
  • Navigate message queues (“Next message,” “Previous message”)
  • Process messages (“Delete message,” “Forward message,” “Reply to message”)
  • Place calls to other system users (“Ring John Smith”)
  • Place calls directly to phone numbers (“Dial 3334444”)
  • NEC UM8700 – Personal Assistant

  • Enhances a user’s efficiency and poductivity as well as increases a business’s overall customer satisfaction.