Wednesday, 06 June 2018 10:27

Everything You Need To Know About IVR Solutions

Chances are, you have probably encountered a number of IVR solutions as a consumer. The all-too-familiar recording that directs you to “Press 1 for Services” is what is referred to as Interactive Voice Response. This additional service that can be added to nearly any phone system helps your consumers reach their ideal target in an easier, more efficient way.

Why Your Business Needs An IVR Solution

There are a number of benefits to incorporating IVR solutions into your business' communications system. The capabilities of a robust IVR system include:

  • personalized messages and prompts
  • pre-recorded messages
  • improved accuracy of routing
  • automated customer support
  • call prioritization
  • improved management of high call volume

When utilizing IVR solutions, callers will reach your company with a customized message and then be directed to the most appropriate representative to handle the customer concerns.

The Benefits Of IVR Solutions

Improved Customer Service

With a properly configured IVR solution, you are able to resolve your customer concerns in less time and with less hassle. You are more likely to get the customer to the most appropriate representative to handle the problem in the first phone call, thus improving overall customer satisfaction.

Reduced Overhead Costs

IVR solutions allow you to automate routing phone calls. This makes your business operation and your employees significantly more efficient. By spending less time taking in and routing calls and more time solving problems and working with customers, you can reduce your operational costs while producing more productive results within your employees' billable hours.

Personalized Customer Relationships

IVR solutions offer the capability to greet your customers with a personalized message whenever they call in. Much like other automation platforms, you can assign workflows for your customers to follow so that your high-priority callers, such as major or potential clients, get routed to the front of the line immediately and are not lost due to significant hold times while your staff handles other clients.

The Evolution Of IVR Solutions

IVR solutions have evolved exponentially since their initial inception. From limited vocabularies that could really only be applied effectively in a call center setting to a multimedia communications system that can be integrated with your company CRM, IVR solutions are transforming the way that customers are interacting with their favorite brands.

24/7 Access

In addition to all of the general benefits of IVR solutions, this revolutionary technology is what allows consumers to interact with their banks and other organizations from which they may need to get information even when the institution is closed. For example, the ability to call your bank on a Sunday afternoon and get your balance from the touch of a few buttons or some short, simple voice commands, you are benefiting from an IVR system.

The Experts In IVR Solutions

We pride ourselves on the expertise we have in a variety of business communications technology, including IVR solutions. Whether you have a legacy phone system or the hottest VoIP platform in today's market, High Country can help you integrate IVR solutions with your business's current technology to maximize efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and improve customer satisfaction.