Friday, 01 March 2019 13:28

How To Handle PBX Maintenance

Most technology you find in a business setting is going to be a long-term investment. When it comes to your phones, computers, and other regularly used technology, you want a solution that will last and keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape. PBX phone systems, while they are a more traditional model, are one of these solutions that have withstood the test of time when you have the right people managing your phones. One key element that many business owners don’t consider when investing in technology is the need for ongoing maintenance. We forget that our phones and computers are much like our cars and require a little TLC here and there. Let’s talk about the benefits of long-term PBX maintenance contracts and how to ensure your contract is in your best interest as a business owner, as well as your options for one-off PBX maintenance.

What Is A PBX Phone System?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network. PBX was the go-to phone system model before the internet became a staple in business operations. Whether you are operating on an older PBX installation or considering a PBX model for your organization, you want to take precautions that ensure you have experts in the technology that you can rely on in case of emergency. It is for this reason that many providers offer long-term PBX maintenance contracts for business owners. These contracts are designed to protect businesses from the devastating losses that could occur should the phone system go down.

In addition to ongoing maintenance that keeps your business operating efficiently, it’s important to consider how you want your PBX phone system to work when reviewing different options for PBX maintenance. Many consumers don’t realize that PBX phone systems can be used on channels like VoIP, ISDN, or analog. They also have hosted and virtual implementation capabilities, depending on the needs of your business. With so many options available to you as the user, you want to ensure that your PBX maintenance contract covers all the bases your business may need now and in the future. As Denver’s leading provider or technology solutions and PBX maintenance, we have a few tips on how to ensure your PBX maintenance contract works to the benefit of your business.

How Should You Expect Your PBX Maintenance Contract To Work?

A long-term maintenance contract is a unique model that most don’t see with their other belonging that require maintenance. Rather than having a preferred mechanic who you see only when something lights up on your dashboard and you pay only when work has been completed, a PBX maintenance contract adopts a more preventative approach. While it includes maintenance work when necessary, a more accurate comparison is to the idea of insurance. With PBX phone systems costing anywhere from $2,000 to $200,000 depending on the size of your organization, some form of protection is definitely something you want to consider. Especially when a PBX maintenance contract offers low to no-cost replacement parts and labor when indicated in your agreement with your provider.

Pricing For PBX Maintenance

The pricing of a PBX maintenance contract is going to be the ultimate deciding factor for any organization. How does the ongoing monthly payment affect your bottom line when everything is running smoothly? Alternatively, you also want to consider how the ongoing monthly payment will affect your bottom life if disaster were to strike. Most commonly, PBX maintenance contracts will follow a price per active port per month model.

Do You Need A PBX Maintenance Contract?

In short, no. You don’t NEED a PBX maintenance contract. You also don’t NEED homeowners insurance. So why would you pay a monthly fee for these things? It helps you rest easy, knowing that your home or business is protected in the worst case scenario. In some cases, one-off maintenance for your PBX system will do just fine, but often you end up paying more than you would had you opted for a PBX maintenance contract. If you have or are considering a PBX phone system, talk to our maintenance team today about the High Country PBX maintenance contracts.