Friday, 12 February 2021 16:39

3 Ways a Remote Office Phone System Benefits Your Business

COVID-19 and the subsequent stay-at-home orders have forever changed the way we work. Even once it’s relatively “safe” to return back to the office, it’s likely many companies will continue to offer at least some degree of remote work options for their employees. While some companies, such as Twitter, have opted to go permanently remote, others will return to the office and allow their employees to work from home a few days a week or every month. Whatever the case may be for you and your team, it’s safe to say a remote office phone system is in your best interest as a business.

What kind of remote office phone system is best?

That’s a great question. And while every business will have unique needs for their office phone system, you really can’t go wrong with an integrated cloud phone system. Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but it’s a flexible option too, as it allows employees to have a business phone and number that they can take anywhere.

Benefits of cloud phone systems for remote workforces

Cloud phone systems can benefit your business in many ways. Here are three of the top advantages you can gain with this type of office phone.

1. Remote workers and in-office staff share the same phone system

Switching to the cloud lets you easily give your remote workers full-featured business desk phones. And with easy access to audio conferencing and video calls, your team can stay connected no matter where they are.

Even employees who split their time in the office and at home can access all of the same features through a mobile app. With a cloud-based system, your workers will never have to call clients with their personal numbers—even when they call from their cell phones.

2. Increased mobility and flexibility

Cloud-based phone systems allow in-office and remote workers to share all of the same features no matter where they are. Workers can access the corporate phone system from any device: a desk phone, smartphone, or personal computer.

3. Cost savings and simple billing

Cloud phone systems eliminate the costs associated with separate landlines and greatly minimize charges for any long-distance calls. With this type of remote office phone system, you’ll receive an all-inclusive monthly invoice that includes all lines for both remote and in-office employees. So you can say goodbye to time-consuming expense reports and an abundance of separate bills.

Find a remote office phone system for your business today

If you’re ready to switch to a cloud-based phone system and gain a cost-efficient and flexible solution for your business, reach out to us today at High Country Workplace Technologies.

The workplace is continuing to evolve every day, and remote work is becoming more and more commonplace. To ensure your company communication doesn’t suffer, it’s important for your phone system to be equipped to handle employees who are working outside of the office.

At High Country Workplace Technologies, we partner with a number of local and national providers of cloud-based phone systems. Contact us today to learn which system is the best fit for your needs.