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5 Ways a ShoreTel Phone System Simplifies Collaboration

Keeping track of email threads, messages, conference calls, voicemails, and documents can be difficult. Between all the different software services, it can be a constant struggle to follow all of your communication threads. If collaboration feels overly complex at your Denver company, a ShoreTel phone system can help.

What is a ShoreTel phone system?

A ShoreTel phone system is a VoIP phone system that combines all your collaboration and communication tools in one place. In 2017, ShoreTel was purchased by Mitel. As part of the acquisition, many of ShoreTel’s products were renamed.

ShoreTel Connect Cloud is now known as Mitel Connect. And just like before its name change, ShoreTel products are making collaboration easier than ever. Here’s how these phone systems can streamline your business operations.

1. A single source for all your communication needs

MiCloud Connect allows you and your team to switch between channels or devices and never lose your place in the process. Instead of struggling to keep track of conversation threads, MiCloud Connect makes everything available from a single desktop hub. It’s easy to reference, but it’s never in the way so that you can monitor every call, message, or alert without missing any important details.

2. Work together wherever you are

Remote work is at an all-time high right now, due largely in part to the COVID-19 outbreak and adjustments to workplace cultures. Gone are the days when teams needed to be in-office to work together! Nowadays, it’s common for team members to work from home or while they’re on the go. With Mitel’s MiCloud Connect, your team can chat, share tasks, work together on documents, and stay connected within a single workplace no matter where they are in the world.

3. Reach the right person at the right time

Working remotely has its benefits, but without the right communication platform, it can be difficult to get a hold of people when an answer is needed quickly. MiCloud Connect lets employees share their whereabouts so you can continue to offer top-notch customer service. When a customer calls with a question only an expert can answer, everyone knows where they are and how to reach them.

4. Stay productive while you’re on the go

If you’re working away from the office and don’t have access to the tools you need, it’s tough to be productive. With MiCloud Connect, you and your team have access to mobile apps that bring the office to you. Whether you’re on the go or in the office, employees can easily join meetings without having to enter cumbersome participant codes.

5. Easy integration with your CRM

Your sales team probably spends a ton of time in your CRM system and on the phone. With MiCloud Connect, your employees don’t have to constantly switch between the two. Your team can make and receive calls directly from their CRM system. And the best part? That data is automatically entered and added to your employees' to-do lists.

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