Tuesday, 09 July 2019 15:17

SIP Trunking Is The Future Of Business Communication

Technology is changing. There’s no refuting that as soon as you get one system in place, the next big thing is getting ready to launch. In most cases, the beta phases of new technology last for months, if not years before your business really needs to consider making a switch to the latest and greatest. However, when it comes to business communication systems, if you’re even just the slightest bit behind, you’re leaving customers on the table for your competitors to steal. Regardless of your industry, one thing is certain: traditional phone systems are very quickly becoming obsolete. If you haven’t already begun having conversations with a unified communications provider about SIP trunking and VoIP phone systems, the time to start was yesterday. Let’s discuss why SIP trunking is going to quickly replace your traditional business phone system and the benefits of getting on board sooner rather than later.

What Is SIP Trunking?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It replaces traditional telephone lines by sending voice over the internet. These are virtual phone lines that utilize a packet-switch network to breakdown voice calls into digitally-transmittable packets that are sent to the final destination.

An SIP trunk is what supports the individual channels. The channels are each unique incoming or outgoing call that occurs on your network. Every trunk has unlimited volume capacity, so you’ll only need one to enable your phone system, regardless of the number of calls you’re expecting.

SIP Trunking Versus VoIP Phones

This is probably the most complex aspect of phone systems for those outside of the unified communications industry. VoIP and SIP are commonly used as synonyms when talking about phones that rely on an internet connection, but that is most certainly not the case. VoIP encompasses any kind of phone call that is made over an internet connection. SIP trunking is just one of the protocols that enables VoIP phones to work.

What Are The Benefits Of SIP?

The SIP trunking market is rapidly expanding. If you’re not running your phone system over an internet connection, your competitors are likely outperforming you when it comes to quality of calls and quality of service. It is predicted that the industry will surpass $10 billion within the next year alone. It is highly beneficial for your business to get in on SIP trunking sooner rather than later for a number of reasons, from cost to quality.

  • Reduce Overhead Cost - Making the move to SIP trunking can reduce your overhead costs by more than half. This cost reduction lies mostly in limited hardware and elimination of long distance fees. Most SIP trunking models operate with a predictable monthly fee with additions as needed for various features or services.
  • Improve Your Quality - An unreliable internet connection is the bane of many business owner’s existence. Not only are your computers and mobile devices not working, but your internet based phone system also won’t perform the way it needs to. When your SIP trunking provider uses Tier-1 networks, you improve the quality of the audio on both sides of a connection, as well as the speed at which information can be transmitted.
  • Maximize Your Flexibility - SIP trunking gives both your in-house and remote teams flexibility they can’t otherwise leverage. From additional applications seamlessly integrating into your system to call forwarding features that don’t diminish the caller experience, there is so much to be taken advantage of when it comes to an internet-based phone solution.

Your Local SIP Trunking Provider

Your phone system can make or break your customer service experience. An unhappy customer can be detrimental to your business, so you need to be doing everything in your power to ensure maximum satisfaction for customers and employees alike. SIP trunking can play a key role in this by increasing call quality. The decreased overhead cost is just one of the many perks that support this technology.

If you’re ready to upgrade your phone system - or even if you’re not - you want to have a local SIP trunking provider you can trust in your back pocket. Contact the SIP trunking experts at High Country today and start saving money on your phone solution.