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The Cisco IP Phone family

Cisco IP Phone: SPA500 Series

Simplify and improve communications throughout your small business phone system with Cisco IP Phone SPA500 Series, part of the Cisco Small Business Series of network solutions. These phones offer enough features to serve everyone from manufacturing floor staff and cubicle workers to executives and remote employees. These affordably priced, reliable, and stylish Cisco IP phone (s) are intuitive and easy-to-use. The Cisco IP Phone SPA 500 Series delivers a versatile array of features with investment protection to help your small business succeed.

Cisco IP Phone: SPA500 SeriesFull-Featured IP Phones

  • Wideband audio for unsurpassed voice clarity and enhanced speaker quality
  • Monochrome or color* backlit display for ease of use, aesthetics, and onscreen applications
  • Connects directly to a hosted IP telephony service or an IP private branch exchange (PBX)
  • Easy installation and highly secure remote provisioning, as well as menu-based and web-based configuration
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Support for Bluetooth and WiFi*
  • Play back and view personal MP3 files and photos through on phone application*

Cisco IP Phone: 9900 Series

The Cisco IP Phone: 9900 Series, one of the best phone systems for business.

Accelerate decision making with the addition of high-performance business video directly from your desk phone. The Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 Series delivers high-quality, interactive multimedia communications and advanced features in an elegant ergonomic design that is user – and eco-friendly. Cisco IP Phone: 9900 Series Features and benefits include:

  • Interactive high-performance business video elevates and personalizes communications ( Requires Cisco Unified Video Camera)
  • Large, backlit, vibrant high-resolution fully-adjustable color displays enrich user experience for easy viewing
  • Bluetooth 2.0 headsets add freedom at the desk.
  • Dual standard USB 2.0 ports support USB wired headsets for greater choice and convenience
  • High-definition voice (HD voice) provides greater clarity in communications
  • Gigabit Ethernet switch ports enable collocation of a multimedia PC for reduced infrastructure costs
  • Cisco IP Phone Color Key Expansion Module adds scalability with additional programmable line/feature keys
  • Two Cisco IP phone color options and handset styles increase flexibility and comfort

Cisco IP Phone: 8900 Series

The Cisco IP Phone: 8900 Series, one of the best options for business phone systems.

Get a close-up view of the Cisco IP Phone 8961 with an online interactive model. Use interactive multimedia communications and advanced features, including high-performance video, with the Cisco IP Phone 8900 Series. Interactive features of the Cisco IP Phone 8900 Series include:

  • Video communications of up to 30 frames per second (with built-in cameras on select models)
  • High-resolution Cisco IP phone 5-inch color displays for easy viewing
  • High-definition Cisco IP phone voice for greater clarity

Use Advanced Networking and Applications

Networking features and applications include:

  • Ability to collocate a multimedia PC to reduce cabling and infrastructure costs

Environmentally friendly features of this series include:

  • Reground and recyclable plastics
  • IEEE Power over Ethernet Class 1 rating for ultralow power consumption (on select models)
  • Deep-sleep option to reduce power consumption in off-hours, lowering energy costs

Increase Flexibility and Scalability Some models include accessories such as:

  • Bluetooth hands-free profile that includes support for the Jawbone ICON for Cisco Bluetooth Headset
  • One Cisco IP Phone Color Key Expansion Module to increase scalability of programmable line and feature keys

Cisco IP Phone: 7900 Series

Cisco IP Phone: 7900 Series, one of the top options for effective business phone systems.

The Cisco IP Phone: 7900 Series provides:

  • IP phones with color liquid crystal display (LCD), including dynamic soft keys for call features and functions
  • Support for information services, including Extensible Markup Language (XML) capabilities to extend Cisco IP phone systems
  • The capability to customize XML-based services to let users access a variety of information, such as stock quotes, employee directories, and web content
  • On-campus mobility using voice over wireless LAN with the Cisco IP Phone Wireless 7925G to extend advanced unified communications capabilities for mobile workers.

Cisco IP Phone: 6900 Series

Cisco IP Phone: 6900 Series, one of the top options for business phone systems.

Get affordable, reliable voice and video communications with a user- and eco-friendly endpoint. The Cisco Unified IP Phone 6900 Series is designed to improve productivity, foster collaboration, and reduce operating expenses with simplified, fully featured, and cost-effective communications that deliver a superior user experience.

With the Cisco IP Phone 6900 Series, your company can:

  • Take advantage of unified communications cost-effectively
  • Elevate communications with video, on selected models, with adoption of Cisco Unified Video Advantage and the VT Camera III
  • Enjoy greater flexibility with choice of color and handset styles
  • Support the environment with a “green” solution

Selected models includes such features as:

  • Antiglare, backlit, pixel-based monochrome Cisco IP phone LCD
  • Full-duplex speakerphone and dedicated headset jack for hands-free communication
  • Tricolor illuminated line/feature keys for call-status indication
  • Deep-sleep option for reduced power consumption

Cisco IP Phone: Conference Phone

Cisco IP Phone: Conference Phone, another great option for a business phone system.

Cisco IP phone: They provide exceptional levels of integrated business functionality and converged communications features, surpassing today’s conventional voice systems and competitive offerings. As the market leader in IP telephony, Cisco continues to deliver comprehensive end-to-end data and true voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions, offering a complete, stylish and fully featured IP phone portfolio for enterprise and small- and midsized-business Cisco IP phone (SMB) customers.

Cisco IP Phone: SoftPhone IP Communicator

Cisco IP Phone: SoftPhone IP Communicator.

Cisco Unified Personal Communicator integrates your most frequently used communications applications and services. Easily access soft phone, presence, instant messaging (IM), voicemail, video, and multiparty conferencing to effectively communicate and collaborate from anywhere.

Cisco IP Phone: Communicator The application features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to:

  • Simplify Communications: Access voice, high-definition (HD) video, presence, IM, voice messages and more from a single unified interface
  • Build a Competitive Advantage: Get answers and make decisions faster by seeing who is available and instantly starting a conversation
  • Bring Business-Class IP Telephony and Video to the Desktop: Use soft phone, standards-based HD video, and desk phone control to access high-quality and high-availability audio and video
  • Accelerate Team Performance: Instantly share documents and collaborate with multiparty audio, web, and video conferencing
  • Deploy what you need: Use for presence and IM-only or as part of a complete unified communications solution
  • Cisco IP Phone: Cisco Jabber

    Cisco IP Phone: Cisco Jabber

    Experience the benefits of high definition (HD), telepresence quality video anywhere, anytime. Cisco Jabber™ Video for TelePresence (Jabber Video), previously called Cisco TelePresence Movi™, is a soft client that works with your PC or Mac to provide high-definition video communications from wherever you need to work – the airport, hotel, coffee shop, or home office (Figure 1). It keeps you connected with your entire video community no matter where you are.

    Product Variations

    Cisco IP Phone: Jabber Video is available in both on-premise and cloud options to meet the different needs of customers:

    • On-premise deployment: Jabber® Video Enterprise (previously called Movi) is deployed on your network to add video mobility for your users; it allows flexibility for user management and policy setting tailored to the requirements of your network architecture.
    • Cloud-hosted option: Jabber Video is also available as a web- or subscription-based service, supported through a downloadable software client, in the first quarter of 2012. The web-based service provides an easy way to extend customers’ telepresence calling circle to vendors, partners, and clients with a forum-based self-support model. The subscription-based service, available as part of the Cisco TelePresence for Small and Medium Business, offer includes additional features and options such as multiparty video calling, integration with customers’ cloud directory, and live end-user support provided by Cisco.

    The intuitive user interface of Jabber Video enables fast, easy, and reliable connections to other soft client users, desktop video systems, and meeting rooms up to immersive telepresence rooms.