Tuesday, 11 February 2020 11:03

Top XMedius Solutions: SendSecure For Business

As a business owner, data security is one of your top priorities. If a breach occurs, your entire operation will come to a screeching halt, preventing you from making money and servicing your clients. To help our clients avoid this major catastrophe, we’ve partnered with enterprise communications solutions providers, like XMedius, to offer robust security systems that keep your data protected. One of the most advanced XMedius solutions on the market is XM Send Secure, a simple and straightforward file transfer software that mitigates risk exposure that may occur during normal business operation. Let’s review some of the key benefits of XM SendSecure and help you determine if this is the right XMedius solution for you.

Introducing XMedius

XMedius, formerly AVST, is a leading developer of enterprise Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Recognized for robust integration capabilities with call control, email, IM, calendar, data, and mobile softwares, XMedius has grown rapidly in recent years. Headquartered in Canada, the company is dedicated to creating high-quality solutions delivered in the most sustainable way. In doing so, XMedius has been able to serve everyone from small, local businesses to international enterprises. The flexibility and adaptability of the many XMedius solutions on the market make the organization a perfect fit for a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, government, education, finance, legal, hospitality, and so much more.

While there’s a plethora of XMedius solutions that can add value to your business, for today’s purposes will be discussing the benefits of XM SendSecure and what makes this file exchange software ideal for your business.

What Is XM SendSecure?

XM SendSecure is a file exchange platform that combines two key features: security and simplicity. Leveraging a virtual “Safe Box,” this state-of-the-art XMedius solution provides safe file exchange capabilities, as well as short-term storage. All files go through a virus-scan before being encrypted for transit. Recipients will use two-factor authentication, maximizing security upon delivery. Finally, after a set period of time, all the data is automatically erased from the platform.

SendSecure Security Features

Essential to the SendSecure platform are the robust security features, including:

  • Double Encryption
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Audit Trail
  • Automatic Virus Scanning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Cloud Services

These features ensure your team can send any file in any format to the correct recipient without the risk of viruses. Automated record keeping supports the adherence to a variety of industry-specific regulations, including HIPAA, SOX, FERPA, and GDPR.

SendSecure Simplicity Features

There are a lot of file sharing platforms out there, but security often inhibits ease of use. With SendSecure and other XMedius solutions, simplicity is at the forefront of the design. There are many benefits to XM SendSecure as your go-to file sharing platform, including:

  • No need for recipients to have an account
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Operational integrations through MFP connectors and APIs
  • Mobile and web application
  • Large file support (5TB)
  • Encrypted chat
  • Invitation capabilities for existing SafeBoxes
  • Administrative control of user accounts
  • On-premises and cloud deployment

Functionality is central to all XMedius solutions. After all, if a software is difficult to use, the value becomes obsolete.

Who Benefits From XM SendSecure?

There are countless applications of XM SendSecure that can add value to any business operation.

  • Healthcare - Messages, medical records, and files can be shared with patients, insurance companies, other doctors, researchers, pharmacies, and hospitals.
  • Banking - Contracts, bills, and other correspondence with regulators, appraisers, title companies, other banks, law firms, business representatives, and customers can be handled securely.
  • Insurance - Quotes, medical reports, claim information, and financial statements can all be shared with regulators, clients, and medical staff with ease.
  • Legal - Contracts, evidence, correspondence, and even documents requiring delivery and access confirmation can all be transmitted to law enforcement, law firms, court officials and clients.
  • Public Sector - Everything from social security numbers and medical information to tax reports and contract bids can be shared across other government bodies, citizens, law enforcement, schools, and more, where applicable.

Whether you need to transmit basic business reports among team members and clients or you need to adhere to specific regulatory entities, like HIPAA, XM SendSecure could make sense for you.

Finding The Right XMedius Solutions For Your Business

When you partner with the right technology provider, your business operations can be streamlined and your overhead costs controlled. XMedius is a leading provider of robust technology solutions that add value to business operations without complicating the execution of everyday tasks.

If you’re looking for a secure file transfer platform or other Unified Communications technology, consider the vast XMedius solutions on the market. Contact High Country Workplace Technologies today to find out if XM SendSecure is right for your business.