Friday, 15 January 2021 11:09

Your Business Needs to Track Network Performance Analytics. Here’s Why

Tracking your business’s network performance analytics is a key to success in today’s increasingly digital world. Without a sound and strong IT infrastructure, you’ll experience frequent outages and disruptions. By using network monitoring software, your team can easily observe how well (or how poorly) your network is functioning. In doing so, you can accurately identify any performance issues or challenges your business is facing. Today we’ll be diving into the top reasons why you should track your network’s performance and how those analytics can benefit your business.

Establish and monitor your network baseline

To successfully gauge your network performance, you’ll first want to establish a network baseline. This is simply a measurement of how your network performs on a regular day-to-day basis, without unusual boosts or dips in performance.

In short, analyzing your network baseline helps you accurately compare it against your current and future network behavior patterns.

Understand the limits of your network performance

It’s certainly important for you to know your network’s baseline performance, but you should also understand what the upper limits of your network are. This way, you’ll understand what your maximum network performance can be. In doing so, you will be able to accurately identify how close your baseline performance is to its full potential.

Detect network problems and identify solutions

One of the main reasons businesses should track the way their network is performing is to detect any problems and identify solutions to resolve those problems. As a business owner or IT manager, you know all too well how costly network downtime can be to your business. With network performance tracking, you gain access to a dashboard that reports bandwidth and utilization, network traffic problems, and supportive data on specific sites and devices.

Improve the end-user experience

Your network performance affects more than just your internal business operations. It also greatly impacts your users’ experiences. The good news is networks generate a significant amount of data every single day. So instead of having to guess how your network is performing for users, you can dive into the details with your real data. You don’t have to emulate it – instead, your team can analyze what’s actually happening.

Talk to the experts about network performance analytics

If you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of tracking network performance analytics, reach out to us at High Country Workplace Technologies. We partner with Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), a leading provider of networking performance tracking and unified communication technology.

MPA’s advanced reporting offers a number of benefits that every business can take advantage of, including:

  • Voice Quality Cause Visualization - Correlation graphs that can help your team identify problems and see trends in network performance.
  • Advanced Inventory Reporting - Customizable reports to help your team manage key inventory data.
  • Trunk Traffic and MiCollab AWV Utilization Reports - A tool for identifying when your network needs more capacity for web, video, and audio components.

Not only that, but MPA 3.0 also lets you schedule key operational updates, including maintenance, SMDR collection, or backups for both individual or multiple devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more!