Thursday, 29 October 2020 15:38

6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Phone Systems

On average, companies replace their desktop computers every five years. Mobile phones are replaced even more frequently, especially when companies allow employees to use their own smartphones. However, most organizations cling to their commercial phone systems for ten, or even twenty years. To put that timeframe into perspective, the first iPhone was introduced roughly thirteen years ago. Why is it that businesses don’t upgrade or entirely replace their phone systems as frequently as other technologies? The reason is often that business leaders underestimate the importance and value of a strong phone system.

But believe it or not, more than two-thirds of customers have hung up on a business phone system due to frustration of not being able to talk to a real person.

Other leaders simply think, “if it’s not broke don’t fix it.” In reality, if you’re using an outdated phone system, you could be missing out on a lot of benefits for your business. Here are six reasons to consider updating your commercial phone systems to a VoIP platform.

1. Save money

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of upgrading to a VoIP phone system. With a VoIP system, you will eliminate any need to maintain separate data and voice networks, thus significantly reducing your telecom costs. By upgrading to a cloud-based system, you pay only for the features you want via a flat, monthly subscription rate. And the best part? The upfront investment cost is very minimal.

2. More features and increased capabilities

The VoIP platforms of today allow users access to a long list of advanced features including call conferencing, call forwarding, video, team messaging, and more into one unified communication system. This can greatly boost productivity and workplace efficiency.

3. Integrations with apps you’re already using

Unified communication phone systems allow employees to instant message, share files, schedule and hold online meetings, and more. And these phone systems can easily integrate apps you’re already using such as SalesForce, Google Drive, Slack, and many others.

4. Increased mobility

With the technology of today’s VoIP phones, you can automatically forward calls to mobile devices, where your employee has access to the same tools and services they do on their desk phone. As companies continue to shift towards an increasingly remote workforce, this is an invaluable benefit for your business.

5. Easy to scale

Every business owner wants their business to grow. As this growth occurs, you’ll want it to be easy to add users, numbers, and devices without having to reinvent the wheel. VoIP phone systems are exceptionally easy to scale so you can grow your business without having to worry about your phone system.

6. The elimination of outdated and obsolete technology

Your old phone system may still technically work, but getting the job done is not the same as improving communication at your business for the better. And sooner than later, that outdated technology will fail. Repairing old technology is exceptionally difficult, as it’s often a slow and expensive process to find the parts you need.

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