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Your Options For Business Phone Systems

Your business phone system is one of the most important investments you can make as a business owner. It is essential that the system you select can not only accommodate the communication needs of your organization but also evolve with the changing technology. Having spent more than thirty years in the unified communication industry, we’ve seen the ongoing evolution of business phone systems and how businesses must adapt to the changing climate in order to survive. As industry experts, we’ve helped countless organizations select the right business phone system and now we want to help you. By answering key questions about your needs and position in the market, you can find a business phone system that meets, and even exceeds your expectations.

Choosing The Right Application For Your Business

When it comes to business phone systems, you have many options; each of which offer unique benefits depending on your business model. Let’s discuss what your options are and how they can impact your overall operations.

Virtual Business Phone Systems

Do you need to employ a full phone system or can your organization operate on mobile phones connected through a virtual system? Virtual business phone systems have risen in popularity over the last few decades as more and more employees operate remotely. These systems work by connecting a main business phone number to the mobile or home phones of remote employees. Essentially, a virtual phone system is a robust call-forwarding solution that allows your customers to call a single phone number and still reach the employee or department they need to speak with. Organizations that have many remote or traveling employees can benefit from virtual business phone systems for two key reasons.

  1. Businesses can present a professional, white labeled face at all times and from anywhere.
  2. Remote workers can leverage extensive features, such as automated receptionists and online faxing, that a mobile or landline phone can’t offer.

When considering a virtual phone system for your business, review where your employees are when they do most of their client interaction. If they aren’t in the office the majority of the time they are working with clients, a virtual phone system that allows you to present a branded front could be the solution for your business’ communication needs.

VoIP Business Phone Systems

A virtual business phone system is just the beginning of your options for communications solutions for your business. VoIP phone systems, or Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems, are among the most common applications of business phone systems in today’s technology-centric business culture. Rather than the copper wires that traditional landlines rely on, VoIP phone systems operate over the internet connection most businesses already have employed. A VoIP phone system perfectly bridges the gap between the features of a traditional landline that once alluded small businesses and the flexibility of a virtual phone system that business seek even when they require an on-premises application.

VoIP business phone systems can be deployed in a number of different ways - through the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid application. Depending on the needs and preferences of your organization, you can find an application of a VoIP phone system that suits your needs. However, all VoIP phones require a consistent and strong internet connection, so if you don’t have a reliable connection, a VoIP system might not be the best option for your business.

Traditional Landline Phone Systems

Traditional landlines are a common solution for businesses that have an in-house IT team that haven’t yet upgraded to a new system. Traditional business phone systems rely on a local or regional phone company to maintain the copper wiring where the public switched telephone networks (PSTNs) operate. Landlines use on-premises PBX hardware to offer the features we are accustomed to in business phone systems, such as call directories or transferring. In many cases, those looking to invest in a new business phone system don’t opt for this solution. Rather, it tends to be a legacy system that is being phased out by many phone system providers, but is not entirely obsolete just yet.

Weighing The Pros And Cons

Determining which of the above business phone systems makes the most sense for your organization can feel overwhelming. Ultimately, it comes down to the pros and cons that have the most impact on your operation.

  • Cost - Traditional landlines are going to be at the highest price point while virtual systems are at the other end of the spectrum. Most VoIP phone systems will be in the mid-range and are subject to change depending on the features and size of the system you need.
  • Maintenance - Traditional landlines and on-premises VoIP system are going to be higher maintenance and require more technical expertise than a virtual or cloud-based system.
  • Reliability - VoIP systems require a reliable internet connection while traditional landlines operate on the copper wiring that is maintained by the phone company. Virtual systems will be dependent on the individual’s network.

Among others, these are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting a business phone system for your organization.

Choosing The Right Business Phone Systems

Many small business owners wonder if they really need a phone system designed specifically for businesses. In short, yes, you do. You may be able to get by for some time on your own mobile or landline network, but, eventually, your competitors will be able to outpace you with a more efficient and scalable system in place. Selecting a business phone system that can be effectively applied to your operation can be essential to the success of your business. Whether a ground-breaking, cloud-based VoIP system or a flexible, virtual phone system makes the most sense for your business, the unified communications experts at High Country are ready to help you select, deploy, and maintain your business phone system.

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