Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:45

Shoretel IP Phone

The ShoreTel IP phone will (also known as VoIP phones), suit every type of business user: from executives, to operators, to remote workers, to call center supervisors. An integral – and ergonomic – part of ShoreTel’s VoIP telephony solution, ShoreTel phones come preconfigured, reducing dramatically the time required to deploy your VoIP business telephone system. And because ShoreTel phones interoperate with ShoreTel Communicator, it is easy to extend the reach and features ShoreTel’s business VoIP solution well beyond the walls of the office.

What makes Hi Country Wire & Telephone distinctive is that we are your one stop shop for communications services. We would prefer to arrange your internet, dial-tone, or T1 services along with your phone system so that you don’t have to be responsible for learning and relaying all of the technical requirements or get in between a carrier and a vendor when they start pointing fingers at each other. We are your one “neck to choke” or your single point of accountability to ensure your communications are working.

Littleton, CO – Hi Country Wire and Telephone was selected by the Foothills Park and Recreation to replace their legacy TDM phone system with a new unified communications solution from ShoreTel.

Monday, 06 February 2012 14:20

Platte Anchor Bolt goes wifi with Cisco

Denver CO – Hi Country Wire and Telephone just completed its initial installation of a Cisco VoIP UC540 small business phone system for Platte Anchor Bolt Inc.

A new phone system isn’t a new item for the world unless you consider that all of the desktop phones at the office now connect wifi to the phone system. When the project is complete all the computers, phones, and surveillance cameras will all function through two clustered Cisco AP 541n access points.

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