The Benefits of ShoreTel's N+1 VoIP Redundancy

We continually here our clients requesting a VoIP phone solution.   In some cases a digital phone solution with a VoIP enabled phone system is sufficient.   However,  for larger or mult-site organizations who want an extra layer of built-in VoIP redundancy a ShoreTel phone solution is optimal.   Our primary reasoning here is that if a Shoretel appliance were to fail and spare resources are available to the ShoreTel VoIP phones anywhere within the customers network, then these phones will register to those spare resources.   This is a very elegant and cost effective VoIP redundancy solution that most all other providers like Avaya and Cisco do not offer.

Payne Consulting - ShoreTel VoIP

Colorado School of Mines 85' alums Robert Affleck and Jim Whitfield

Jim Whitfield and Hi Country Wire and Telephone just completed a ShoreTel VoIP implementation for Debbie Payne and Robert Affleck at the new Payne Consulting offices.   Robert and Jim attended the Colorado School of Mines together and are both 1985 graduates.  Jim states, "it has been such a heart warming experience to have a former class-mate reach out for a solution.   Payne Consulting could have sought a solution from any other organization.  It has been a very rewarding experience to reconnect with Debbie and Robert since I last saw them at our 25 year reunion celebration."

Monday, 25 March 2013 10:28

Fiber based high speed internet access

Fiber based high speed internet access

HCWT staff Jim Whitfield and Scott Altman finish undressing the inner duct that will hold the fiber for the future Foothills Park and Recreation fiber based high speed internet access

Just another day at the office ?   Even though the temperature was well below freezing Hi Country Wire and Telephone was onsite this morning and completed installing the inner duct that will soon be the home of the fiber based high speed internet access for the Foothills Park and Recreation District.

Avaya Scopia

Avaya IP Office is a telephony solution for the SMB organizations (up to 1000 users), providing easy communication for users inside the organization's private network.

If your organization has between 250 and 1000 employees, we recommend integrating with the Centralized Videoconferencing Solution (Solution 2: Complete Centralized Videoconferencing).

The benefits of integrating IP Office with the Centralized Videoconferencing Solution are:

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