It is not uncommon for consumers to get confused when trying to navigate the chaos of the unified communications industry. With many major technology evolutions, corporate buyouts, and other industry shifts occurring in the last few decades, keeping up with the technology is practically a full time job in and of itself. A common question we get from our business clients who operate on Avaya unified communication technology is what is the difference between Avaya Red and Avaya Blue? There’s even Avaya Purple thrown into the mix to make things even more complicated. No need to fret, though! We can help you understand what technology you have, what technology you need, and even how to make your technology work even more effectively.

AVST is a leading software company that has been making big moves in the industry, especially in the last few years. Celebrating their 35th anniversary this time last year, AVST has not only applied to be a publicly traded company in Europe, but also received Outperform and Buy ratings from various analysts, indicating solid positioning for the company overall. If you are a business owner who has or is looking for unified communications technology, AVST is the provider you want to work with. In addition to finding the right communications solutions for your business, you also want to find a reliable company to provide ongoing AVST support with an expertise in the industry. Here’s what you want to look for when seeking AVST support.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 14:26

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Mitel Connect

Mitel has long-since been a leader in the communication technology industry. In order to maintain their competitive edge, Mitel continuously improves their technology offerings, making them more sophisticated and easier to use. Mitel Connect is no exception. Mitel Connect is a multi-platform application that is the peak of unified communications technology in today’s market. Let’s talk about five key reasons Mitel Connect is able to help businesses across industries streamline their operations.

If you are in an administrative role in any company, you’ve likely become familiar with various unified communications platforms and the benefits they offer to the efficiency of your business operations. When it comes to communications systems, all providers are not created equal. We’ve spent nearly twenty years as an Avaya unified communications manager, so we’ve become intimately familiar the nuances that make this the ideal platform for small and mid-sized businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about Avaya unified communications options.

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