HCWT has completed yet another successful unified communications and networking solution.   This project was completed for Enterprise Holdings new regional headquarters in Highlands Ranch, CO.    Project lead and  VP Jim Whitfield states,"This was another high profile project for a Fortune 500 client.   We were up for the challenge.  
shore·tel e·piph·a·ny /SHôrtel epifane/ - the response from someone that realizes for the first time just how much a ShoreTel solution can improve their productivity and how brilliantly simple it is to administer and operate.  Here is our epiphany moment:

Got one ?

In November of 2014 Avaya released an updated lifecycle product matrix.   This 38 page document lists the product end of sale, end of manufacturer support, end of extended services support, and end of services support dates for legacy Avaya Red and Nortel Networks (Avaya Blue) products. Please see addendum 1 below for an explanation of each date from Avaya's perspective.

Cisco Meraki cloud based wireless and networking solutions have continued to revolutionize the ease by which wireless networks and wireless bridges can be deployed and managed.   Hi Country has deployed numerous Meraki access points throughout 2014 with a 100% customer satisfaction guaranty.  The number of Meraki Customer Success Stories is projected to climb even higher in 2015.
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