In today's digital age, communication methods are constantly evolving, and businesses are increasingly relying on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services for their communication needs. VoIP allows businesses to make calls over the internet, offering flexibility, cost savings, and advanced features compared to traditional phone systems. As businesses continue to adopt hosted VoIP solutions, new requirements are emerging to ensure the security and effectiveness of communication channels. One such requirement is the need to comply with SMS (Short Message Service) regulations, which govern the sending of text messages through VoIP services. We will explore the new SMS requirements with hosted VoIP and what businesses need to know to stay compliant.

Working with a technology provider that is CJIS certified is not just a preference but a necessity for law enforcement agencies.

Vonage Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a feature that enables businesses to connect their existing phone system or PBX to Microsoft Teams without the need for an E3+dialer or E5 license. This means that businesses can leverage their existing phone infrastructure and extend it to Teams, providing a seamless communication experience for employees and customers.

Wednesday, 12 July 2023 12:16

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams has become a popular communication and collaboration platform for organizations of all sizes. With its powerful features, including video conferencing, messaging, and file sharing, Teams has become an essential tool for remote work and collaboration. But what if you could extend Teams' capabilities even further? That's where Microsoft Teams Direct Routing comes in.

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