Leading Security Solutions & Datto Support

Datto is a leading provider of ransomware protection, disaster recovery, and cloud to cloud backup soutions. Datto has designed their solutions specifically for managed service providers to ensure that MSPs have a reliable partner in technology. High Country is proud to become part of the one-of-a-kind ecosystem of partners who provide these industry leading security solutions for businesses across the entire globe. Let’s talk about the available solutions and how our team of Datto support experts can help your business achieve its goals in a safe and secure environment.

What Solutions Can Datto Offer?

Datto offers solutions that fall into three key categories. The first is ransomware protection.

Ransomware Protection

Datto’s ransomware solutions protect businesses and ensure control remains undisputed in cases of user error, malicious attacks, compliance issues, or user management. In the digital age, ransomware is an increasingly common threat to businesses. Ransomware is malicious software that locks your files, encrypts them, or marks them for permanent deletion or publication. Often, ransomware requires payment to access your files. Cybercriminals that organize ransomware attacks have gained immense amounts of profits, in some cases to the tune of $50 million per month. Many businesses rely heavily on the data that is stored on their computers, so ransomware protection is a must for any business owner operating in 2018.

With High Country running your Datto support, you can reap the benefits of Datto’s ransomware protection. Their program includes an educational aspect that helps your employees understand potential risks to prevent cyber attacks on your computer systems. The second tier of Datto ransomware protection includes an antivirus component to protect your system from a full-blown infection if a malicious link is clicked on. Finally, the ransomware protection includes complete data protection through snapshots that are stored in a secure location. With our Datto support, if your company does fall victim to ransomware, you can restore your data quickly and easily.

Disaster Recovery As A Service

Datto also offers Disaster Recovery as a Service. Whether your business suffers a cyber-attack or you are in an area that experiences a natural disaster, you want to have a plan in place to limit downtime that could damage your business. If you enact disaster recovery as a service, our Datto support team can help eliminate operational downtime and restore your business in an effective manner. The best disaster recovery solution is local virtualization with physical or virtual servers. Our Datto support team can help you put this plan in action so that your business is prepared if disaster strikes.

SaaS Protection Solutions

Rounding out Datto’s business solutions is cloud-to-cloud back-up. This solution allows your business to leverage the benefits of the cloud while maintaining control of your data. Not only is our Datto support for cloud-to-cloud back-up reliable, but it is also simple. You maintain the ownership of your data and can take it anywhere. If you have questions or problem with your cloud service, your HCWT point of contact will be able to help you. One of the many features that makes the cloud-to-cloud back-up so applicable to different business models is its affordability. Your clients can benefit from the cost-reducing model of our SaaS protection by eliminating the need to pay for licenses they don’t need any more.

Rely On High Country For Datto Support

If you are looking for security solutions that are built specifically for managed service providers, Datto has a variety of solutions that can easily scale with your business. Contact High Country Workplace Technologies today to learn more about ransomware protection, disaster recovery, and cloud-to-cloud back-up solutions. Our expert Datto support technicians can help you determine what solutions best fit your business needs and help you apply them to your business model.