Mitel Phone Systems and Integrated Communication and Collaboration Solutions

Mitel is a leading technology solutions provider, helping businesses across the globe stay connected. With the most innovative communication and collaboration solutions, Mitel phone systems and coolaboration solutions provide the means necessary for businesses both small and large take care of their customers. Whether your business needs an on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid communication system, Mitel has the robust solutions to fulfill your needs.

Mitel Connect Cloud (MiCloud), Onsite, or Hybrid

With MiCloud Connect, you get a complete, unified communications solution that does the hard work for you. Connecting phones, applications, and network operations for seamless performance in every aspect, MiCloud Connect helps your employees be more productive, whether they are on-site or working remotely.

This communications and collaboration solution is a catch-all system that provides cloud or onsite VoIP phone services, instant messaging, audio and web conferencing, and video capabilities. Built-in scheduling features keep your team on track and more efficient than ever.

Both Mitel's customer success team and High Country support your business through the on-boarding process and provide on-demand support for smooth integration into the workplace.

If you're an existing MiCloud customer, you'll need to migrate to the upgraded platform of RingCentral as soon as possible. This is because RingCentral became Mitel's exclusive UCaaS partner in November, 2021 and all existing Mitel Cloud customers have a path to upgrade their platform to RingCentral's award-winning UCaaS solutions. Learn how we can help you navigate the migration today.

Mitel Connect: Call Forwarding

Customers expect to speak directly to a company representative when they call your business. With the external assignment feature of Mitel Connect, customers can talk directly with your employees when they're out of the office or on the go.

This communications system allows you to forward business calls to external numbers, such as your mobile phone. The Mitel Connect call forwarding feature upgrades the flexibility and functionality of your customer service, so you can stay connected with your customers no matter where you are.

Mitel has announced that the End of Life (EoL) for Mitel Connect is coming in the summer of 2023. Due to this change, it's important to start planning a transition to another platform sooner rather than later to avoid any major disruptions to your call forwarding system. Our team at High Country Workplace Technologies can help you successfully navigate this transition and get you set up on the most appropriate system for your needs.

Contact our team today to learn how we can help your team transition to a new system.

Mitel Hotel Phone Systems

Hospitality professionals worldwide rely on Mitel hotel phone systems and communication technology. Scalable communications solutions are optimized specifically for the needs of the hotel and hospitality industry. In order to provide the optimum guest experience, you need technology on your side. The Mitel 400 Hospitality Package helps your staff provide exemplary customer service while operating at peak efficiency.

This custom bundle includes the MiVoice Office 400 communication server, the Mitel 6800 Series SIP Phones, and the complete lineup from the Hospitality Applications Suite which includes six different solutions for streamlined integration.

MiVoice Business

This complete business communication platform provides voice, messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration, and more in a single solution that can accommodate businesses of all sizes from 5 to 65,000 employees. MiVoice Business is built for success with a variety of embedded features that are compatible with a variety of different devices.

Capabilities like Hot Desking allow for your business calls to be forwarded to any active device so you can always be reached at your office extension, even if you're not at your desk. The Dynamic Extension feature effectively collapses all of your devices into a single number for maximum mobility. Unified Messaging integrates all your messages so they can be accessed anywhere. MiVoice Business is easy to implement and manage with web-based control capabilities.

MiVoice Office 250

This phone system provides the kind of flexible communication that helps small and mid-sized businesses excel. Designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses, the MiVoice Office 250 communication platform connects your employees, no matter their physical location to maximize productivity. This communication solution relies on unique business applications like the Mitel MiCollab and the Mitel MiCollab Client to provide advanced unified communications at reduced costs.


The MiCollab solution allows your team to get more done, no matter where they are. With this single application solution, you can streamline the process of collecting and using information by removing the need to flip between various apps and folders. The online collaboration tool is compatible with a variety of devices making transitions between mobile and local devices seamless. Team interactions are supercharged with this efficiency boosting solution.

MiVoice Call Recording

MiVoice Call Recording is a personal voice documentation and collaboration software that utilizes Mitel Portable Voice Document (PVDTM) technology to create digital media documents from phone calls so that they are available to playback, annotate, organize, retrive, and share as needed. MiVoice Call Recording provides company-wide control over quality assurance, customer retention, risk management, dispute resolution and other critical business concerns.

Mitel Brightmetrics

Brightmetrics is a Mitel (formerly ShoreTel) telephone analytics product unlike any other on the market. With Brightmetrics, data pulls from multiple sources and can be configured in customized ways to meet the needs of your business. With the opportunity to dive deep into the data that matters most, you ensure you're making the best possible business decisions for your organization.

The various Mitel Integrated Communication and Collaboration solutions allow your business to operate at peak efficiency. Experts at High Country Workplace Technologies can help you determine the right communications solution for your business while providing ongoing support for management and implementation.