nexVortex Managed SIP Trunking

nexVortex is a leading provider of cloud communications services. With over 12 years of experience in the industry nexVortex specializes in managed SIP trunking, multisite applications, hosted voice, hosted contact center, and other customized solutions. In a highly competitive industry, nexVortex knew that standing out could present a challenge for a newer company. In order to combat this challenge and build trust with their customers, they decided to provide their services differently. They operate on the premise of being an “Uncommon Company” and strive to provide Uncommon service, commitment, know-how, and innovation. It is for this reason that HCWT is proud to partner with nexVortex. Let’s talk about some of the services that nexVortex has to offer.

What Is The Benefit Of mSIP?

SIP is session initiation protocol. In other words, SIP is the language of the internet. It is significantly less expensive to have your voice services delivered through SIP than it is to use legacy interconnection technologies like analog lines or PRIs. With nexVortex managed SIP trunking, you can reap the benefits of Uncommon service. nexVortex managed SIP trunking includes:

  • A special network specifically for customer SIP traffic
  • High availability
  • Expert addressing of quality of service
  • Increased visibility
  • Multiple connection options
  • Monitoring and reporting

In addition to superior service managed by our expert technicians, nexVortex managed SIP trunking offers disaster recovery for unplanned problems. If one of your locations has an outing or a building fire, they can help you reroute your calls to another location, or even a cell phone. This allows your business operations to continue uninhibited if or when disaster strikes.

Why Choose nexVortex For Managed SIP Trunking?

For many companies, SIP trunking over the public internet is sufficient for their needs. However, when your business model requires specific guarantees for your cloud communications, nexVortex has your back. nexVortex has invested heavily in their network infrastructure, tools, and software to ensure the highest-quality service in the industry. When you choose nexVortex for your managed SIP trunking, you can confidently replace aging, more expensive, and lesser quality equipment. nexVortex transports voice traffic over a private, nationwide MPLS network so that they can control the quality of the voice stream traffic.

Monitoring And Troubleshooting

In order to be an Uncommon Company, it’s essential to do things differently. This is why all nexVortex managed SIP trunking includes proactive monitoring of voice performance at various points so that issues can be identified and resolved before they become a major problem. The automatic notification system keeps you informed at all times.


The nexVortex managed SIP solution is built with scalability in mind - both in cost and infrastructure. As your company grows and changes, we can provide you with a nexVortex cloud communication solution that makes sense for your employees and your budget. Whether you need to replace a large legacy system or transfer just a few PRIs, nexVortex has a plan to match your needs.

Quality Of Service

There are an abundance of cloud communication providers out there with poor quality of service, leading to garbled voice, dropped calls, and an overall negative user experience. nexVortex managed SIP trunking is delivered over a nationwide MPLS backbone that allows them to control the quality on each and every call. The service management portal tracks quality on each call to create an accurate quality score, in addition to keeping track of any incidents. nexVortex’s solutions can help you deliver a high-quality user experience every time a customer interacts with your company.

Multiple Connectivity Options

The nexVortex managed SIP trunking supports multiple connectivity options to maximize application across industries and needs. The connectivity options include: public internet access, nexVortex provided internet access, or nexVortex provided directly connected MPLS circuit.

Implementing nexVortex Managed SIP Trunking

When you use HCWT for nexVortex managed SIP trunking, you have an assigned project coordinator to handle your cloud communication. There are three ways you can implement nexVortex managed SIP trunking:

  • Existing Internet Connection - you can use mSIP over your existing internet connection for high-quality service at a reduced price point. Any ISP that meets nexVortex specifications can be used to prioritize your voice traffic.
  • Internet Connection Through nexVortex Peering Partner - if you have a peering carrier as your internet provider, you can use mSIP with reduced latency, packet loss, and jitter. nexVortex peering partners include AT&T, CenturyLink, Cogent, Comcast, GTT, INTERNAP, US Signal, and Verizon.
  • nexVortex Provided Connectivity - With nexVortex provided connectivity you can use the managed SIP trunking through internet connectivity, a private MPLS connection, or cross-connects when you locate your equipment in the nexVortex data center.

Is nexVortex Managed SIP Trunking For You?

nexVortex managed SIP trunking can be a valuable addition to your business operation. Their unparalleled cloud communication solutions are supported by Uncommon customer service to provide you with the highest-quality mSIP in the industry.

If you’re interested in nexVortex managed SIP trunking for your business, contact High Country Workplace Technologies today for a consultation on how our newest provider can be an asset to your organization.