RingCentral Cloud Business Phones

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RingCentral is widely-recognized as the market leader in cloud communication systems, with solutions that securely deliver all-inclusive communications including voice, text, conferencing, fax, and HD video meetings for businesses—no matter their size, location, number of devices needed, or budget. If you're looking for a phone system that is easy to manage and more scalable than on-premise phone systems, RingCentral is designed to offer an affordable cost of ownership and provide cost-savings on up-front capital expenditure.

RingCentral's cloud business communication solution can be adapted to meet the unique needs of each organization with BYOD-ready mobility support. With RingCentral, you can manage your entire phone system from anywhere, anytime. And with easy app integrations across other cloud products, including Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more, RingCentral helps businesses throughout every industry increase productivity and improve call efficiency.

RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is considered the #1 cloud business phone system on the market. Incredibly easy to operate and manage, RingCentral makes it exceptionally simple to connect and scale workforces across multiple locations. RingCentral Office offers:

  • Enterprise-class voice, text, conferencing, fax, and HD video meetings
  • A single system for multiple locations and mobile employees
  • Unmatched ease of use – a PBX expert is not needed for this system
  • BYOD-enabled mobility, so you can have system access from any line, device, or location
  • App integrations to improve employee efficiency and productivity
  • Reliable service and free customer support 24/7
  • Best all-around value with an inclusive, low fixed monthly cost

When you purchase RingCentral Office, your plan includes all business phone system features, unlimited calls to anywhere in the United States and Canada, business SMS features, 1,000 bonus toll-free minutes/mo, 1 toll-free or local primary company number, 1 toll-free or local fax number, 1 local number for each team member, and dedicated account supervisors who will help set up your phone system free of charge.

RingCentral Meetings™

RingCentral Meetings is a simple but powerful HD video conferencing tool with web sharing capabilities that allow you to hold unlimited face-to-face meetings from any device, anywhere. With RingCentral Meetings, you can:

  • Invite up to 50 meeting participants
  • Deliver presentations no matter where you are using your Mac, iPhone, PC, or iPad device
  • Mark or draw on shared documents to simulate in-person meetings
  • Turn on voice recognition to highlight the current speaker so it is easier to stay on track and stay organized
  • Host a meeting where attendees are able to share presentations, webpages, and/or files from Dropbox, Google Docs, and Box
  • Use touch gestures to zoom in or focus on important information on mobile screens
  • Record meetings and playback or share recordings with the team so everyone can stay in the loop even if they can’t make the meeting

RingCentral Meetings is included for free with RingCentral Office everywhere in the United States.

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Direct Routing with MS Teams via RingCentral

If your organization is outfitted with Microsoft Teams, direct routing is the optimal solution to make better phone calls. Direct routing allows your business to connect MS Teams to your traditional phone network, so that your team can easily make and take calls via Teams on any device. This feature can be incredibly helpful for maintaining business efficiencies, allowing users to take less expensive call rates, and improving flexibility for your workforce.

By integrating RingCentral into MS Teams with HCWT, you can select 1 of 3 levesl for your direct routing service: (1) Basic access, (2) Direct routing-as-a-service, and (3) Enhanced Microsoft Teams telephony service. Any of these levesl will streamline communications for all end users in an important way to maintain both workflow and cost efficiencies. If you're interested in setting up direct routing for MS Teams at your organization, High Country Workplace Technologies can help.

RingCentral Partners with Avaya

In 2019, RingCentral partnered with Avaya to collaborate and expand their offered service, introducing new products and systems like Avaya Cloud Office. Their partnership has since expanded greatly and allows for providers to share and collaborate on solutions for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). The Avaya Cloud Office is latest innovation between these two partners and it transforms the traditional cloud-based phone system to make voice calls, messaging, meetings, and more simple, streamlined, and efficient. With this latest product offering, Avaya and Ring Central introduce:

  • Advanced Voice Calling
  • Chat & SMS
  • Full-Suite Virtual Meeting Capabilities
  • Detailed Analytics & Performance Reporting
  • App Integrations with over 100 ready-to-use integrations

This advanced technology will help you and your employees stay on task, communicate better, and get more done on a daily basis. With Avaya and Ring Central, your business runs smarter.

Brightmetrics: Unified Communications Analytics for RingCentral

Brightmetrics is the only tool available to access accurate analytics for RingCentral. Brightmetrics is not just another reporting tool; it makes it easy for you to view vast amounts of data collected by RingCentral so that you can properly analyze, interpret, and understand the customer experience with your staff. Brightmetrics can configure the data in your RingCentral system in any manner that works best for your team so that you can make informed business decisions and optimize your customer experience.

With the analytics of Brightmetrics, you can gain insights into customer hold times, unnecessary transfers, employee productivity, staffing levels, successful call resolutions, and so much more. Within minutes, this ultimate business intelligence resource will help you identify problems within the customer experience and act quickly, so that you can improve and maintain client relationships.

Migrating From MiCloud Connect to RingCentral

In November 2021, Ring Central became Mitel's exclusive UCaaS partner (unified communications as a service), bringing business communications to the next level through the acquisition. This change enables existing Mitel Cloud customers a path to integrate RingCentral's award-winning UCaaS services into their business operations.

If you're still using MiCloud Connect as your unified communications solution and are ready to transition to RingCentral, High Country Workplace Technologies is ready to help. Contact us today to ensure a smooth migration to the upgraded platform.