High Country Workplace Technologies can provide cabling and fiber optic solutions for your enterprise so that you always have the Internet speed for today’s business marketplace.

The Right Speed At the Right Location

When you don’t have enough speed on a desktop, your Internet is sluggish, it slows down your productivity and costs the company money. But you can also be paying too much for Internet speed in an area that doesn’t need it. Both scenarios mean your cabling and fiber optics aren’t cost effective. We can help you get the right speed at the right location, so you have an efficient system that will save you money in the long run. We are experts at listening to your needs and configuring the right solution to solve your cabling and fiber optics needs.

Upgrading to Fiber

When it’s time to upgrade your bandwidth, you’ll have to upgrade to fiber. Don’t worry. We can help you find the least expensive carrier and facilitate the entire upgrade process from designing the fiber optic framework to preparing the installation, to testing and certifying.

Designing the Fiber Optic Pathways

Some locations in your enterprise require more bandwidth speed than others. For example, the accounting department is primarily running spreadsheets and doesn’t need a great deal of Internet speed. One hundred megs of speed will work just fine for them. However, the engineering department is working with CAD software and online 3D imaging, so they need a gigabyte of bandwidth speed. We work with you to determine your cabling needs based on today’s needs and tomorrow’s. We make sure you are right sized, so you’re not paying for speed you don’t utilize.

Preparing the Location for Fiber

Once the design plan is completed, you’ll need a pathway to be made for the fiber that will run from the outside of your building to the inside. The area must be prepared correctly, or it costs you time and money.

We can facilitate making the required pathway because we have experience with buried conduits, pathways to IT closets, negotiating with trenching and boring companies and working with the carriers themselves. We know what they need to be able to lay cable or fiber optics, and we can put all the pieces into place, so you have a smooth transition. Or we have thirty years of experience laying cable and can install it for you.

Terminate, Test, & Certify

After the cable or fiber optics has been laid, we test it to make sure the certified bandwidth is going through the cable or fiber that’s been installed. We then certify our work so you can be assured you’ve gotten what you’ve paid for.

A Mess of Cables

Perhaps you’re struggling with a mess of cables that are unsightly and unwieldy. No one wants to touch them for fear of messing up the network. We can make those old cables going from desktops to the IT closet look nice and neat. They’ll look better, and they’ll be more secure. Contact us to schedule a free cable assessment to see if it’s time to clean up your cable or replace it with fiber optics.

Moving? Upgrading Your PBX System?

You’ll mostly likely need new cabling. We can be your one-phone-call solution because we can design and lay cabling as well as create the end user communication solution. Contact High Country to solve your cabling and fiber optics issues.