Voice conferencing, video conferencing, collaboration, and teamwork is about having the right collaboration tools at the right time. No matter what you call it, you want your employees to be as efficient as possible regardless of where they are sitting. High Country provides voice conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, collaboration and teamwork collaboration solutions to fit your business and your budget.

Voice Conferencing

There’s nothing more frustrating than a conference call with bad sound where participants can't hear clearly. High Country provides voice conferencing systems that have crystal clear sound so everyone can hear everything on every conference call.

Video Conferencing

Talk to one person or multiple people in different locations by video. We can configure a videoconferencing system to connect your people across the hall or the globe. We have video conference solutions that allow you to share your screen or your face in real time. Contact us to see how our video conferencing solutions can streamline your business.

Web Conferencing

Sometimes you need to share your computer screen with your coworkers and collaborate across computers. We have fantastic web conferencing solutions that will make everyone on your team more efficient.


Effective team collaboration requires pulling your voice, video, and project management software together in one smart solution. Employees can move effortlessly between voice, video and computer screen to make things happen when they need to. Contact us to discover how collaboration tools can make your team work better together.

Teamwork Collaboration

When your team has multiple tasks and a goal they are working on together, you can use a communications collaboration tool to facilitate their teamwork. High Country supplies the software and networking solutions to make that type of team collaboration smooth and easy. We currently support Naropa University, The Veterans Administration of Colorado, and the City and County of Broomfield. Tell us how you want to work together, and we will customize an industry-leading solution that fits your needs and your budget. What’s even better is our solutions are expandable so that they can grow with your company. Contact us to see how collaboration can improve your business.