More and more companies are going wireless in their office communication systems. Computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones can all run on WiFi, but you need a knowledgeable, experienced service provider to configure your WiFi correctly, so that end users have a seamless experience.

WiFi Configuration

Ideally, you want your wireless and wired networks to work together so that your end user doesn’t notice any interruption in service when the call on their smartphone that’s being transmitted over the office WiFi gets switched to their personal cell phone system. Similarly, you want an employee to be able to walk from one building to the other talking on their phone over your wireless network and never get an interruption in service. When High Country Workplace Technologies configures your WiFi, users have a trouble-free and seamless communication experience.

Right-Sized WiFi Network

When you work with High Country Workplace Technologies, you can expect us to listen first. We listen to understand your needs from top to bottom, front to back. Then we will design a WiFi network that is right-sized and efficient for your business. You want a WiFi network that powers your office communication devices and seamlessly works with your existing wired communication systems. So do we and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that’s what you get.

Experience Working With Telephone Service Providers

We have been an agent for all the telephone companies for more than twenty-five years. We can effectively manage your network, audit your phone, wireless, and network services to assess if you have the right configuration for your needs. We can work with your existing provider agreements, restructure those agreements, or help you transition from one provider to another. When your communication needs necessitate a change in your service, we minimize the disruption to your business.

Wireless Network Configuration

We regularly work with all the carriers so we can work with whoever your provider is. We also collaborate with the carriers to give you the right size pipe for your wireless network configuration, so you can be sure your system is as efficient as possible.

Office Connectivity

When it’s done right, your employees will take it for granted that all your phones, computers, printers, and conferencing systems work together. When it’s not configured correctly, your employees will not be able to perform up to standards. (And you’ll probably get a lot of mad emails.) We leverage your wired and wireless networks to your advantage, creating a cost-effective solution that provides you with the unified communications experience your users need.

Schedule an assessment to determine if you WiFi is working for your business.