Your job just got easier. High Country Workplace Technology offers comprehensive business communication solutions, so you don’t have to know how to integrate your phone, voicemail, email, conferencing, WiFi, mobile, and other technologies. We can do it all for you.

Trusted Technology Advisor

As a trusted technology advisor, High Country has been helping businesses become more streamlined and productive for over thirty years. Some of our clients have been with us since we started because we’ve never let them down. In fact, we offer some of the best guarantees in the industry.

Our Guarantees

  • 24/7 Service Availability
  • Certified Service Technicians
  • Service Updates Keep You Informed on Where We Are With Your Request
  • Competitive Prices
  • Amazing Support
  • Timely Delivery

Integrated With Your Existing Infrastructure

Any solution that we offer will integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, whether it’s on site or in the cloud. We have the experience and expertise to effectively implement our solutions in the cloud, on your desktop computers, and your network servers.

Business Phone Systems

We provide both cloud and premise-based business phone solutions for enterprises from five people to over 5,000. We are certified and partnered with many manufacturers and providers, so we can create custom solutions and options to meet your business and budgetary requirements. Cloud-based solutions include ShoreTel, Vonage and Comcast and premise-based phone solutions include Avaya, ShoreTel, AVST, Nortel, NEC, and Toshiba.

Business Email

Email makes your business more productive and efficient across every department. We can provide premise or cloud-based email in your operations, marketing and customer service departments so you can better serve your customers. Contact us to discuss your email needs.

Voicemail & Speech Recognition

For some businesses, voicemail is still a primary means of interactions between employees and customers. For these businesses, they have found that texting and email can’t take the place of voicemail and voice-oriented solutions. We provide voice solutions as part of a unified communications tool and also as a speech processing interaction voice response (IVR) solution. Contact us to discuss your voicemail and voice recognition needs.

PBX Phone Systems

When you have a phone system with more than 500 endpoints, you need a phone/PBX system that eliminates the headaches of large enterprise phone solutions. We have decades of experience in PBX phone systems, and we provide end-user and administrative training to ensure your staff understands the use and day-to-day management of your solution. Additionally, with our manufacturer and HCWT support options, we provide you with the peace of mind of an ongoing maintenance solution that can monitor, restore, and troubleshoot your system twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Video & Voice Conferencing

When it comes to video conferencing, the devil is in the details. Details like which operating system your mobile phones and PCs are running on and which cameras are in each device will make or break the integration of your conferencing system. If any solution provider tells you that video and voice conferencing are simple integrations, run. It takes knowledge and attention to detail to get the seamless experience you need. We have been experts in delivering this meticulous attention for over three decades, and we are experts in integrating voice and video collaboration. Contact us to discuss your video and voice conferencing needs.

Business WiFi

When you need your office to run wirelessly including your phones, computers, the Internet, and Internet of Things (IOT), we can connect all your unified communications wirelessly in a secure environment. We have the experience to facilitate effective and efficient network connectivity by providing adequate internet bandwidth, SIP trunks or phone lines, and wired and wireless networks. What’s more, we can provide low-cost solutions because we have many relationships with network carriers and hardware providers.

Business Mobile

Your smartphone is essentially your mobile office. We have application solutions that allow you to conduct your business entirely from your smartphone regardless of whether you’re sitting at a desk or you are out at a remote location.

Cabling & Fiber Optics

Your network is only as good as the cabling and fiber optics it’s running on, but you don’t need gigabyte speed to every desktop. We design and install cabling and fiber optics to get the right speed for the right solution at the right location, so you get the most cost effective internet bandwidth for your business.

Complete Integration

High Country is different than most providers because we can provide service on any one of these items individually, or we can provide an integrated solution. We work with dozens of different providers so we can configure a solution to fit your business needs and budget. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, we provide solutions for the National Parks Service, the City and County of Broomfield, the City of Cheyenne, Wyoming and Enterprise Rent-a-Car.